Saturday, April 9, 2011

Windows, Tea, and Hair

We had a full Saturday.  This morning we went to Mr. Tint and got our front windows tint removed.  Oliver liked watching them work.  Then we went to a Tea Party to celebrate one of our friends that turned two.  Oliver had fun seeing all the playgroup kids, we don't get to see them that much-so he was a bit hesitant at first.  Eventually he got a bit more comfy--he even took a swing at the Pinata.  After he hung out with Grammie for a bit, they watched golf and played.  Then he helped Mommy make an appointment for him to get his hair cut tomorrow.  Hopefully she can get actually get him to get his haircut!  Then he helped Mommy with her hair.  He likes going with Mommy and does an awesome job of being patient, respectful, and he always makes the girls there smile.

We came home to garden and play in the yard a little.  Long, full day.  (Mommy is ready to relax and sip some chamomile tea.)  Oliver fell asleep really fast this evening as Mommy read a chapter to him.  Sweet dreams.

Watching the workers.

Blue sky through Mommy's "new" window.  (Pretty.)

Tea Party Spread

Jello tea for the little ones.
Baby James acting shy with Mommy.  He had a sweet
smile when he actually looked at Mommy.

Danielle wearing one glass princess slipper.  We
think her prince must have had the other, because
we couldn't find it.
Tea party kids

Eating a cupcake.

Birthday girl in green dress with her sister.
Mr. O hitting the pinata.

All the kids gathering the candy.

Comfy in the chair at the salon.  He got hair from the floor
on his pants and was trying to clean it off.  Yuck.

Oliver found a ladybug in our yard.
Mommy's favorite saying.
This is at Mommy's salon, it would be neat to put in
a bedroom.  It is pretty and Oliver was working
on identifying the letters he was seeing.
Mommy's other favorite saying.  This is probably
more appropriate for a boy's room.  And she never forgets 
to give her Owl a kiss goodnight.

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