Tuesday, February 28, 2017


We had a nice evening.  Oliver went to JJ for a bit while Mommy walked on Grand.  Then we did an errand for school real quick at Dick's Sporting Goods- Oliver loved that!  Then we came home to rest and be productive.


Being productive and working on schoolwork
on the iPad.

This guy, Oscar is not being productive.
We are watching him last minute for a sweet 
neighbor.  Oscar misses Dee.
We are doing out best to make him feel welcome.

Monday, February 27, 2017


Oliver spent time creating at the Club then a lot at home.  It was sweet and Mommy can't keep her eyes open right now.  Goodnight!  

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Oliver came home today.  Mommy saw him most of the days he was gone for baseball things or JJ.

Baseball Opening Night:
It was a pretty big deal!

All the teams paraded on the field and were introduced.
Oliver got to hold his team's sign!

Snack shop is open for the spring!  Uh-oh...they
have popcorn!

We took Noah home afterwards in our big bus...

Mommy got the big bus exchanged for something a little
smaller.  This Camaro was all they had. We'll be real careful. 

Tonight, our favorite manager, John, bought
our big milk and little coffee for us.  He's
so sweet!  Talk about a neighborhood store!

Oliver is hooked on this novel.  It's
the first time he has just gone to his room 
to physically read a book on his own.  Not
just listen to it on CD.

Mommy is grateful.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Donut Wednesday

We got our donuts last night with Logan.
He was real sweet and brought his sister one.

This morning's masterpiece.

Mommy picked up Oliver from school.

She was sidetracked and didn't get any cute pictures
of Oliver.

She took him to JJ.

He worked hard tonight!

Mommy will see Oliver sometime this weekend.  He has a lot of baseball and Cub Scouts!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Oliver had a day full of play with friends.

Mommy played under this for a bit this morning
while she worked on a pilates video.

We used out gigantic car to fish.

At Lake Hodges.  That's an old adobe house.

Here Mommy realized Oliver wasn't playing very nice.
It's best to be humble and kind when fishing and to help your 
fellow fishermen.

We got to take sweet Logan to JJ tonight!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Today was a day of firsts.  First, we celebrated the first President of the United States and had a day off school...Mommy actually has the whole week off.

Mommy also had her first accident in 20 years and
had to take Zippy to the autobody shop:

Geico makes it easy.

Except they ran out of small cars...Oliver is impressed.

Mommy is a little nervous.  

Oliver finally had his first baseball game of the season.
A lot has been rained out so far!

His team, the Pirates, played great.  Unfortunately the other
team are experts at stealing bases.

Oliver's team lost.  But, they played great for 
the first game!

Lots more to come in the spring baseball scene!
He's got two games a week and a practice!  
He is LOVING it!

Sunday, February 19, 2017


We had a nice day.

Scenes from last night:

Patch on ice!

Penalty box!

Gulliver and Oliver.


Chuck a puck!

We didn't win.  We tried though!

Arrow of Light Ceremony:

We went to watch the Arrow of Light Ceremony 
and support our pack!


A mom is ready to retire her shirt.  She
offered to give it to Mommy.  What do you 
think?  Mommy isn't so sure.  The mom 
needs to take some of the patches off first
and then Mommy will decide.

We went to Dixson Lake after:

This derby would be fun!  But it might be 
the same weekend as a Cub Scout campout.

The lake.

Happy fisher!

We hijacked Logan from the ceremony.
They had fun fishing!

And playing together at home too!

Happy Sunday!