Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Donut Wednesday

Someone woke up on the wrong side of his own bed.  When this happens it effects Mommy too.  Sigh. We tried to have a quiet time at the donut shop, unfortunatly the kids in the background were allowed to run around and scream, run on top of the tables, and cause complete mayhem.  Oh well.

Pout Face.

Having a hard time choosing....

It smelled delicious.

(Mommy's Coffee.)

Oliver needed time to get out of his poutiness, eventually he improved.  He is off with his Daddy and Scout now.  Mommy will see Oliver on Sunday at 2:00 for a fun Disneyland trip!  Oliver has another camping trip coming up with his Daddy.  Lucky kid!!!  He has had a pretty amazing, full summer!  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Today we rested at home.  Kind of.  Oliver had a ton of projects he was working on and so did Mommy.

We went to go check out one of them in 
the morning.  Otto our neighbor is
making the Little Free Library for 
our little garden area out front.

He has been working hard!

We are going to encourage the smaller
neighbor kids to help plant a garden and
donate some books.

Otto is also making a bench that Oliver designed!

So, so cool!

He is going to do a few more things to 
it and we are going to have a planting/cementing
day on August 16th!  (If you want to come
we'd love to have you help!)  Planting, donating
books, telling the little people what to do....

Mommy asked Oliver to help with a tree that was
in the way of where we will be planting pumpkins.
He gladly helped.  Yay!

Later Mommy talked to Otto.  When we went up
in the morning he was probably sleeping.  Can't believe
he is in high school now and his sister, Maggie is 
in middle school!  

We had a nice day at home.

These kids have a lot of fun too!  


Monday, July 27, 2015


We had a busy fun day of playing catch-up!

Prize Catch-Up:

We played around with a prize we saved up for
at Indiana Beach!

Yummy slushes for only 1500 points!  Two summers
worth of saving tickets!

Oliver played catch-up with his Daddy:

This was from Sunday afternoon.  His Daddy
wanted to say Hello and show Oliver something
in the back of his truck....

A bobcat he had to kill.  It was trapped in someone's 
chicken coop in Fallbrook.  It killed all 30 
chickens inside.  Sad for the bobcat.  The chicken
coop owner will be fined if it happens again because
the chicken coop wasn't secured properly.  

Oliver got to catch-up more this morning with his Daddy while
Mommy caught up on some strength training and
homework reading.  

 Swim Catch-Up
We had an appointment in Encinitas
so we made the most of it.  Library 
reporting and swimming.  We checked
out what Johnny was doing....

(Hmmm...he had a ton of grass on his floor.
Carry on Johnny.)

Mommy had a running rest day.  

Home Catch-Up

Oliver listening to a book on tape in 
his messy room night.

He read some silly songs tonight too.
We haven't needed to catch-up on
reading, he has been practicing a lot!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Popcorn Travels

We are home and we had popcorn on our mind all day.  (Seriously.)

Chicago popcorn store.

Thanks for the ride Grammie! 


Traveling makes us a little nutty.  Oliver
was an amazing travel companion today.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Off to Indiana

Mommy and Oliver are off to Indiana this morning.  We hope to have a fun, relaxing, we hear very muddy week at Fountain Park!  Mommy is glad that she can continue this simple tradition with Oliver.  The memories created at Fountain Park are unforgettable.  Mommy won't be writing any posts while we are on vacation and she plans on not creating many new ones when we get back.  She still would like to finish up this from last year.  (She has had a pretty busy year.)

Enjoy!  We sure will be enjoying our vacation together!

Opening Up





Tri Kappa Stands

Old Stuff

Indiana Beach


Indiana Donut Wednesday





Thursday, July 16, 2015


We were busy packing and tying up lose ends tonight
for our trip to Indiana tomorrow.  Yay!  
We need a vacation!  

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice, kind of quiet Donut Wednesday.  

Oliver was off at 2:00 with Grady, he went to Noah's birthday party!  Fun!  Oliver is now with his Daddy.  Mommy will see Oliver tomorrow at 5:00 for some packing fun for our trip to Indiana!  
(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Reading

Summer reading continues.  We went to Mommy's school this morning to help at a reading day that Mommy helped plan.  A lot of students came and we think it was a pretty good turn out!  Remember to keep reading over summer break!  

A mural!  Mommy will get a complete picture
of how it turned out later!

We asked the public library to come!  The students
love the bookmobile!

Oliver was impressed too!  We had to get to our
post though!

Someone else came to visit!  Mommy is trying to
recruit her a a future classroom helper!  Mommy
doesn't think she'll have any problems.

Testing out our iPad reading of...


After we went to report!

Oliver earned his museum passes today!

We found one of Mommy's summer
reading book recommendations being displayed.
She can only report on audio books or if
she is lucky a textbook that she has read in full.

We had a nice day!
(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)