Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year's Eve!  Mommy wanted to post some pictures of Oliver and herself together to remember our year together.

 Feeding my baby oatmeal.  
"I want cake."

Picking berries in Carlsbad.

 More berries.

 St. Patrick's Day
 Green Kisses.
My little racer.

 Around this time, Oliver only wanted to listen to 
this song when we were in the car.
 Oliver with his medal.  Mommy hopes one day we
can run a longer race together.

 Mother's Day
Crossing a bridge....

 San Diego County Fair.
 Talking about something, Mommy thinks it was about
the ICEE sign in the background.  He has such a sweet tooth!
 Mommy loves this little guy.  

 My firecracker on his 3rd Birthday. 
 Eating cake of course!  

Halloween- Minnie and Elmo

 Our first time at Disneyland together.
 Working on looking at the camera!
 Bates Nut Farm
 Mommy's favorite picture.  
 Laughter and happiness.  This picture reminded Mommy
of the song she loves for Oliver, My Wish.
Eating cake, he could really care less that
Mommy is holding a huge python.
 Christmas Day.
 The day after Christmas, still working on 
looking at the camera!
There we go!  

Mommy's favorite quote from the Believe book:

"Look the world straight in the eye."
-Helen Keller-

Have a beautiful New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Donut Wednesday

Oliver and Mommy have been working on "solving problems" lately.  Whenever Oliver gets frustrated and starts to whine about something...Mommy reminds him that we can try and solve the problem without whining.  He has been doing a pretty good job at being a "problem solver."  Although last night, when he was tired and frustrated about the door to his cardboard store not closing properly, Mommy reminded him that we are not whiners, we are problem solvers.  He said, "No!  I'm a whiner!"  Mommy couldn't help laughing.

So, this morning we were excited to go to the donut shop.  But it was closed--- until January 2nd!  So, we problem solved.  We decided to go to another donut shop we have seen on the way to preschool.  Oliver thought that was a good idea.  Oliver got a powdered donut (kind of like snow) this morning.  He took a few bites and then went to school.  

He gave Mommy a few really nice hugs.  He is off with his Daddy for his long stretch.  Mommy won't see him until Monday.  Already miss you little man!

 The closed Donut Shop
 Looking for the new donut shop.
We are good problem solvers....but the donuts
here are just not like the yummies at Petersons Donut Shop.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Oliver went to preschool this morning.  He was happy to go and be with friends.  In the evening he opened a Christmas gift that Amanda brought today when he was at school.  He was so excited.  Amanda knows him pretty well—and Mommy too.  She gave us some really neat treasures.

Oliver had a great bath and is resting for the night now. 

Opening the goody bag from Amanda...
Lots of Pirate Stuff...Amanda knows how much 
Mommy and Oliver like pirates!  
 Oliver got a pirate kaleidoscope from Amanda.  Santa
put one in Oliver's stocking too!  Now we have two!
It reminds Mommy of this song from Sara...(Good Stuff.)

 Mommy sees a pirate.  Oliver didn't want to wear the
earrings for long, but Mommy put them on.  Fun!
Thanks for the calendar Amanda!  This is Mommy's favorite
page--it is for September.  

Playing with his green bubble gun in the bath. 
He loves it!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Oliver had a good day at home with Mommy.  We watched a baby and Aunt Jessica came over for a visit.  Aunt Jessica and Oliver had a lot of fun messing around with each other, and Aunt Jessica loved the baby! 

In the evening Oliver went to Costco with Grammie and Uncle Matthew while Mommy took a nice break at the Y.  Oliver loves his Grammie so much!  He ate some samples at Costco and had a nice time visiting.  We had a great day!
 Aunt Jessica and Oliver playing on the couch.  Oliver
is in an all blue outfit...he changed clothes a few times today
because of food spills.  (Mommy likes blue on is a happy color.)
Aunt Jessica was looking for the "just right"
tickle spot.  On Oliver it is the back of his leg...Mommy
can always make him giggle when she tickles him there.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"It's a Hula-Day!"

Today we had fun at Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad’s house for a nice lunch with family.  We got to meet their new doggy, Maple.  She is really sweet.  It was nice seeing everyone and playing.  Oliver loves his uncles!  The girls had fun hula hooping in the driveway.  Oliver told Mommy that is was a “hula-day!”  She thought he meant holiday, but he made it clear that he meant “hula-day!”  Funny kid!

Later we had fun playing at home, taking a bath, and walking to Henry’s for groceries in the evening- we liked looking at all the Christmas lights on the way there!  We had a wonderful Sunday together. 
Uncle Chad playing with his brew in his garage.
Oliver was interested.
Chad makes good beer...Jess makes cute little heart, stars,
and bottle shaped ice cubes.
Meet Maple- Jess and Chad's new dog.
Hula Hooping...Their driveway is perfect for it!
Mommy, Jess, and Maple.  Ha your sweater Jess!
Maple and Oliver like each other!

Sisters Hooping...Mommy appreciates her sisters...(and her brother)
who took all our hooping pictures!!!
Hooping more...
and some more.

Aunt Jess's mother-in-law joined in...
She was really good at it!
Mommy got hoops for all her girls two years ago
for Christmas from Hoopnotica
Uncles playing with Oliver.  Oliver is so lucky!
Mommy wanted to share her favorite Christmas gift 
from Grammie.  Each one says a special message 
when you press their foot.
Charlie and Linus (Linus message is nice-but so serious,
Mommy enjoys the others a little better---they are more fun!!!)
Snoopy and Peppermint Patty