Sunday, October 30, 2016

Waking Up

We woke up to last minute popcorn orders at our tent, fishing, and car excitement.  

We are excited about our new Subaru although
we are both a little sad too.

Two Scouts fishing.  We took a new Scout, Logan
down to the Lake.

Getting tips from a man who caught a big fish.
Oliver asked him about it....

The boys wanted to go along the shore.

Logan's sister was with us too.  She was playing
on her own doing fun things on the shore while
Mommy read.

Oliver went to his cousin Hazel's one year birthday party
when we got home!  He had a really hard time make the
decision to go to his baseball game or his cousin's
birthday.  He talked it out with Mommy and then with
his Daddy late last night.  Oliver is loyal to his family
and his team....sweetness.

Oliver met Mommy at Carmax....

He checked the car for any last minute things...

Mommy cried.  This car has gotten
her through a lot.  It was also the 
first car she ever chose for herself.

Sweet Jennifer and Noah gave us a
ride home.  Thank goodness for good

We ate dinner, we were both starving.

After, we had a hard time finding our car.
We'll get used to it!!!


We had an amazing time at Dixson Lake.  It is so close and so easy to get there after work!

Saturday Morning.

Probably first fisherman at the concession
stand getting his permit.  So much for
sleeping in!

Eric's famous breakfast.

We went for a good hike, then Mommy
and Jennifer went to deposit popcorn money,
go to San Diego to turn in popcorn, get Mommy's car,
and the deliver stuff back home.  We got back to camp 
and the boys were dirty but happy!

Scenes from the car pickup:

Uncle Chad was trying to explain things to Mommy.
It kind of worked.

Shane woke up from his nap just in time
to give love and show Mommy his new haircut!

Mommy's car and Uncle Chad's new truck.

Sweet Jennifer drove Mommy's car back home.
The engine has been burning oil for awhile, it has 187,000 miles 
on it, and Mommy's finally trusted mechanic said he would
feel better if Mommy drove a newer car.  He said that about 6 months ago.  

We got back just in time for trick or treating.


Pack show screams!

Noah was Scout of the month!