Sunday, October 2, 2016


 Busy day again.

Oliver came to the Y to play and hand
out popcorn.  Claire and Shane were
there too....

Playing a game of running fast....

and trying not to fall!  

Oliver delivered popcorn to friends.  
Mommy loves her friend Tammy and
can't get enough of her when she
is in her non-Y clothes.  She is SOOOO
fashionable and sophisticated!

Grandma came to pick up her order too!

Baseball!  Oliver doesn't want Mommy to leave during
the practice before the game.  She went and worked in
a quiet spot on her work.  She wants to be done.
(She had a million small panic breathing attacks today.
Oh well.)

Fun game, they lost, but it was a good learning

We are grateful that Grammie bought
Oliver cleats for baseball!  He was super
happy to wear them today!

Guess who is staying with us for the next 2 weeks?


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