Monday, August 21, 2017

New Routines

Thank goodness for friends and community.  Mommy's school starts almost an hour earlier this year and she needed help figuring out how to get Oliver to school.  Oliver started his morning at Grady's home, for about 25 minutes he gets to hang out and then walk to school through their back gate.  After school, he gets to hang out with Jennifer and Noah.  They play and are setting up a homework routine.  He loves those two and Mommy does too.  She also loves picking up a happy kid.  

Noah is soooo sweet, he gave Mommy
a hug.  Oliver doesn't give Mommy hugs
very much.  

These three were watching something in 
Jennifer's bed, giggles.  That little one,
Nico, is Noah's cute cousin.

We also talked to this little sweetness on Facetime.
She started the biggest new routine of her life.
KINDERGARTEN!  She loves it!  She drew a picture of herself,
watched the eclipse, made three friends-she can't remember
their names, had RECESS- but with NO toys, and she ate pasta 
for lunch.  We loved listening to her and also her brother tell
us about dinosaurs that roar and wal-mart shopping with Grammie.

This was an exceptionally good Monday.  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

More Baseball

It was another beautiful day for a baseball game!  We had fun taking the trolley to avoid high parking fees and traffic.  It takes a little longer, but is pleasant and a good experience.  The Padres lost against the Washington Nationals but it was a good game!

Newscaster face.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Storm and Fishing

Oliver's finally home and last night we went to a STORM baseball game, we were suppossed to camp on the field afterwards.  Oliver's only task was to pack the tent and we were half way there when we realized he didn't do it!  We were going to sleep on the grass, but after the STORM lost, Oliver decided he just didn't want to camp.  A silent yay from Mommy.  A lot of cub scouts on the field and no tent would have made a tough night sleeping!  We slept in this morning and then went fishing at Lake Dixson.  Is was a nice day.

The fastest squirrel in the world.  No one can beat him!

This player got a hole in his pants from sliding!

It was a nice day for fishing:

Oliver's essentials.

Mommy's essentials.  Her school work was complete
and already stashed away in the car!  Lots to plan when changing
grade levels.

We met this nice man who has never fished in his life!
He had a lot of questions about Escondido, he just moved here from
Southeast San Diego.  We think he'll like it!

Oliver's catch!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First day of School

Oliver had his first day of school today!  He is officially a 4th grader!  So far, he thinks his teacher, Mr. Erikson is funny and like him.  Mommy is grateful that she was able to pick him up and spend time with him.  This year will be awesome!

4th grader!  

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Oliver has two more days of summer, Mommy has none.  She starts with her 5th graders tomorrow.  Last week Mommy tried to make the summer fun last.  We went to Campland to visit and had a lot of fun.

Oliver is with his Daddy for the week.  Mommy will see Oliver at his new classroom door on Wednesday afternoon!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fishing Camp

Oliver has fish camp this week!  Mommy starts school tomorrow.  The blog may be a little off the next few days....back to the grind, well, at least for Mommy.  Oliver had a blast today.


 We had a mostly fun evening at Campland on Mission Bay with Greg and his kiddos.  We brought along Mattias.

Teamwork to fill the seat up with air.

Mattias and Oliver in the bay.

It was a pretty night and the weather was perfect.