Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stripe and Chicks

Oliver earned a stripe at JJ today.  Professor Magee said that he's doing well and there are actually a few kids who don't want to roll with Oliver.  He's a pretty strong kid.  

We came home and found that the chicks are tooooo big for their enclosure and they figured out how to get under Oliver's door and into the rest of the house.  Fortunately they didn't do that while we were away today.  George and Theodore would have probably had some fun with them.  

Oliver wants to sign up for this tournament.

Stay back kitties....

New box...and we moved them to the garage.

Hello Gwen!  Oliver thinks this one is a rooster though.

Oliver is off with his dad tomorrow.  Mom will see him on Monday, but she hopes he messages her or calls her on his cell phone.  

Monday, April 23, 2018

Disc Golf

We had fun playing frisbee with Noah today!  

Mom got the cheapy frisbee.


Peek into the sculpture garden.  

Eagle Scout pond.  

We had a really nice Monday together.  

Sunday, April 22, 2018


We had a fun playdate and camping weekend!

Oliver had a fantastic playdate with Ben
on Saturday morning while mom taught
a Saturday school session.

Ben's sweet doggy.

Then we were off for a day of camping
at Hurkey Creek below Idyllwild.  It was awesome!

Oliver loved going to the town.

Mom is going to hike to that rocky
peak someday!  

 On the way home we stopped here right outside of Temecula
so Oliver could shoot his air gun.  It's a pretty campground with
some good hiking!