Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Disney

Oliver had an awesome day at preschool!  We came home and ate some yummy dinner, got cleaned up, and finished watching Peter Pan!  It was awesome!

Happy Tuesday!

Oliver got a postcard in the mail!  For some
reason he is on the countertop reading it.  Ugh.

 (Sending you sassy kisses from California!)

Peter and Wendy.


We are going to keep watching Disney movies.  We would like to try and go to Disneyland this summer so we need to brush up on all the Disney characters.  (Especially the princesses!)  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Walk

This morning we went for a nice walk to Sprouts to get milk for our daycare.  We had a really nice walk.  Mommy took a bunch of pictures.

Oliver wanted to ride in the stroller.  There
was no way Mommy could wear a baby today, she is to sore.

He said he was in jail!

It hurt Mommy's legs just to walk down
our driveway!  She is trying to walk the soreness off...

Oliver wanted to check out the grapes.  Poor grapes.
(Still for sale...)

Look at him go!


He wanted Mommy to make a wish with
him at the same time.  (She did.)

Can you see Oliver?


Pole dancing. 

He always likes to get a roll and eat it 
on our walk home.

He likes learning how to use the tongs.

We liked looking at the empty receiving area.

We saw the milk truck again!

We got to take a closer look!

It was neat!

We looked at all of our beautiful tulips when we got home!

Oliver drank lemonade today.

Our hyacinths are blooming!


Sunday, January 29, 2012


Mommy woke up real early this morning to run the Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!  She caught the shuttle with a bunch of excited women dressed up like fairies!  It was 4:00 in the morning and that bus was full of laughter!  It was pretty awesome!

Mommy did her best and she earned that special Tinkerbell medal to share with Oliver.  He came home this evening.  After being crabby for awhile together- Oliver getting adjusted to being home, Mommy lack of sleep and really sore legs-we started watching Peter Pan together!  We want to learn more about Tinkerbell and Peter Pan!

We had a nice evening together.  Sweet dreams!

3:30 am and smiling.  Mommy wanted to
share her silly shirt.  (Mickey is with Minnie.)
Mommy thought this was a cute shirt, she liked
all the fairies but didn't feel like dressing up like one!

3:30 am and laughing.  (A good thing, yes?)
Anybody would laugh at Grammie when
she is trying to take a picture....(Mommy
can't believe Grammie actually has an android

Last mile!  Grandpa spotted Mommy!

There she is, not very pretty when she runs.

But happy!  And the headband keeps the sweat out 
of her eyes!  The pirates in Disneyland told Mommy
it was like a bandana and that she fit right it!  There
were a lot of pirates!  (Mommy likes pirates!)

There goes Mommy, followed by Tinkerbell!

They had amazing announcers and entertainment.
Best race ever!  Mommy's favorite part running in
Disneyland was when she ran past Pocahontas- all the characters
were cheering us on throughout the park!  This song was 
playing!  (Mommy likes the part about everything 
having a spirit and name.)  

They called "Antoinette" out when Mommy crossed
the finish line!  (Here are the stats: 1hr 44min 46sec,
16th in age division 35-39 oops..., 67th overall female,
94th overall.)  11,000 women were signed up and 900
men!  Coolest race ever!

California Adventure Park behind Mommy!  She got to run 
through part of it!



Cool mile markers!

Grandpa going to get the car! 

Mommy by the mile marker sign.  
(Grammie took the picture...)

Fun!  Fun! Fun! 

The course was starting to get more populated!  There
were 6 high school bands and cheer squads along the
course!  Awesome!

On our way to the car we saw the pie shop!  
Lion in the hotel.

On our way to the freeway we saw a Disney truck
with all the Mile Marker Signs!

Dinner!  In-n-Out drive thru.  (Mommy needs
a cheeseburger.)

Oliver with our medal!


Our movies.  We tried to watch Dumbo first, but it
didn't work again.  (Mommy really wants to see
that elephant fly.)