Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Mommy picked up Oliver at the Boys and Girls Club today and we went to Jimbos real quick to get nourishment before a night of meetings.

Mommy wanted this but got wheatgrass
instead.  After Mommy met with Oliver's
teacher Mr. Cook for back to school night.
She was his guinea pig for his presentation
 because she couldn't 
make it to the 6:30 meeting, he taught her
everything, but at 6:00.  He is a great teacher
and very kind.  Mommy is glad Oliver is
in his class.  

Then we headed over to the popcorn lottery
for the store sites.  It is more like a draft...

Oliver made paracord bracelets with the
man that taught him how to make them 
at the Indian Day Scout fair.  He came
to the rescue, Oliver made it a bit
hard for Mommy to concentrate at first.
(Drafts are hard and she needs glasses.) 

Mommy needs her reading glasses!

Store sites.  Big deal!

We came home and did homework real fast, caught up on Harry Potter, and went to bed.  Mommy is glad Oliver is home.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baseball Tryouts

Mommy picked up Oliver around 11:00 today to get him fed, pickup some baseball essentials, and take him to baseball tryouts...more just assessments, so that the teams are balanced with experienced and not experienced boys.  Oliver was excited, but when we got there he was really nervous and worried.  Mommy tried to help him, but what helped the most was he practiced while he waited with his next door neighbors at his Daddy's house, Riley and Rodger.

Mommy waited a long time, but enjoyed being there.
She made new friends, soaked up the sun, talked to
old acquaintances, and watched baseball!  (She 
pretended like she didn't have any essays she
needed to work on.  Nope, none.)

Still practicing.

In the dugout waiting.

Up next and really nervous, but excited!

He will do well.  Oliver begged Mommy to sign him
up for baseball.  Mommy wants to support his
goals.  She will always figure out how to make
it possible to get him there.  ALWAYS.

Rodger giving Oliver a pep talk.

Oliver going to the plate.

The coaches were very nice to the boys who
have no experience.  Oliver is a fast learner when
he is interested and motivated.

We look forward to spending time at Kit Carson Park
this fall!

Oliver is back with his Daddy now.  Mommy will see him on Wednesday afternoon.  We are doing all this switching lately, it is getting confusing.  Mommy misses her baseball player!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


We needed a good dinner tonight.  So we went to Souplantation.  

Then we needed a good walk, so Mommy took him
on a little quiet street near our home.  The houses are
cute and there is some kind of bird operation going
on at one of the houses.  Lots of cooing can be heard.

View from 9th Avenue.

Pinecrest St.  It has all these cute little lamp post. 

Listening to where Mommy heard the birds
one morning when she was on a run exploring 
streets she had never been on.

We rested for the rest of the evening.  We are tired.  Oliver is off with his Daddy tomorrow in the afternoon or evening, we don't know yet.  Mommy will see Oliver for a bit on Sunday when she takes him to his baseball tryouts!  He is EXCITED!  We practiced a little bit of catch tonight.  (Goodnight.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of Third Grade

Oliver had a wonderful first day of 3rd grade!  He got right out of bed, dressed, ate his "donut Wednesday" breakfast, and brushed his teeth.  He even was waiting at the car before Mommy got outside.  He had an amazing summer and Mommy is grateful he was ready for school without a fuss! 

Trying not to smile when Mommy said
"Good morning, third grader!"

Our mini-cinnamon rolls.  Donut Wednesday
is still taking a different direction.  Kind of Wacky.

(Mommy's tea.)
With a whole bunch of things she needs to get done 
surrounding it.  Our table where rich people sit
has bee getting a lot of use this summer!

Mommy took a lot of 1st day tree pictures.
She takes a picture of him at the tree every 

Drop-off.  The Ginders helped Mommy get Oliver to
school!  Mommy was worried that the parking lot would
be a madhouse at 7:25 when she drops him off.  She can't
be late to school and is already crunched for time, so they
walked him to school!  Mommy is very grateful.  Usually
Oliver's Daddy takes him but he is on a work trip.

Mommy picked Oliver up though!  She was able to 
leave school early because her students have early release
on Wednesdays.  Mommy didn't want to miss this

Oliver also wasn't too keen on going to the Boys
and Girls Club on the first day.  He'll be going 
tomorrow though!

Oliver's classroom!  Room 37.  Mr. Cook.

Oliver got to take home discarded books
that weighed about 50 pounds!  He was
excited and had an awesome day!

Mommy was able to take a picture of his big
kid desk and is so PROUD of him!  She knows
he will do well this year!  The 3rd grade teachers
will be rotating or team teaching, so he gets to
move around to all the classrooms and learn from
three teachers!  Yay!!!

It's going to be a good year!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Play Ball

Oliver had fun at Boomers today.  He is so brave for going on camps with new people!  He thrives on being around other kids and seriously needs it.  He seems to be looking forward to going to school tomorrow.  Mommy did some digging and his teacher is actually a dad of twin students that were in his class the first time in first grade.  Mommy thinks Oliver will be in good, caring hands.  (That year was really rough on Oliver and a lot of other children.)  Mommy picked up Oliver today and he was playing catch with Grandpa, he loves doing that!


Sweetest smiley face ever!

She is my favorite niece, well, so is
Rachel.  Mommy loves them both so much!


Playing catch!  Mommy only got hit in the head once.

We are looking forward to the new school year!  Mommy can't believe Oliver is going to be a 3rd grader!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Camp, Cousins, and Classes

Oliver spent the day at a single day, Y camp.  He got to go play Laser Tag and play at a park on the way back to the Y.  Before the kids leave the Y they get to go on bouncy obstacles or climb a rockwall if they want.  He is SO LUCKY!  He had a lot of fun.  Tomorrow his camp goes to Boomers for the day!  What a fun way to spend the last day of summer vacation!  He also gets to see his cousins, because Grammie is helping Mommy get Oliver to and from camp. (Mommy is grateful for the help.)  

Look at that baby face profile!

Oliver played catch with Grandpa.  Oliver
is excited for his baseball tryouts on Sunday!


Run to Grandpa and hug him!

On the way home...

We checked out who his new teacher is
going to be...

He didn't get the teacher he wanted.
But, he was totally ok with it.

He is getting a new teacher, he is male,
and that is what Oliver wanted, so hopefuly
it will be fine.  Mommy is going to do some
digging.  She wants to make sure he is in 
good hands.  

Oliver was awesome at the Cub Scout leader meeting tonight.  Mommy has her popcorn duties and she is secretary for the pack, so we had to stay for awhile.  Mommy is grateful for his patience.  


We had a great day.  We started that day at the Loflen's.  They helped Mommy with Oliver while she ran a half marathon.  Oliver was well behaved, we went to a padres game after to celebrate being a Scout and participating in the parade!

Mommy's race view from Cabrillo National
Monument.  Amazing!

Mommy did it!

She had to run far back to the car too.  She took
a picture of Oliver's favorite place!

 Pick Up:
Mommy wil finish writing tomorrow. She is too tired.  8/22 Writing.
Mommy and Claire playing in Claire's room.

Claire's new desk!


The three musketeers hanging out outside!


We went to the Omni Hotel to use the restroom and
pretend we were guests.

Den 11 and Oliver!

They entered the field through the metal gate!


You can see our boys!

They made it on the big screen!

Baseball is so much fun!