Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday!  Yippee!  We had fun this morning eating our yummies, freezing our patooties off, and laughing at the bird Mommy called a "donut" instead of bird.  (Mommy is tired.)  

Happy Leap Day!  Happy Donut day!

Looking for his donut in the foggy windows.


Choosing our seats.

Oliver's donut.

He couldn't sit down on the seat.  It was too cold
for his little butt.  Mommy ran to the car to get a 
sweater for him to sit on comfortably!

Then she took a picture of her crumb donut hole.

Decaf Coffee.


Holding the door open for Mommy.
He covered his hand with his sweater
so his hand wouldn't get cold.
(Sweet gentleman.)

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school!  Mommy will see Oliver on Saturday evening.  She misses her Owl already!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pancake Dinner

So, today is National Pancake Day!  Mommy and Oliver decided to grab some pancakes for dinner after preschool!  Mommy was going to try and go to IHOP where they give out free pancakes on this holiday, that they created!  But we went to Coco's instead which is closer to home.  Mommy would have liked to donate money in exchange for the pancakes to Children's Hospital at IHOP, but it just didn't happen!  (Mommy will have to find a good cause where she can volunteer her time.  She has a good idea in mind.)  Anyways, we had a nice dinner together.

Happy Pancake Day!

Entering the warmth of Cocos.
(Thanks friend for letting Mommy know!  Mommy's
friend does such a good job of inspiring people to
get out and do fun things!)

Oliver actually ordered a grilled cheese sandwich!

But Mommy....

Ordered pancakes!  Oliver asked if he
could have the whip cream.  Mommy said, "Yes..."

Decaf Coffee!  (Red.)

Documenting.  Happy.

Oliver ate all of his grilled cheese!  Even the side
that he covered with whip cream!  Yum!

The man behind Oliver's seat couldn't get enough of
Oliver.  He loved his red hair and freckles.  He even
gave Oliver a used piece of white chalk.  Nice!

Yum.  But not tonight!  (Maybe soon?)

Oh, boy there was a claw machine!

$1 was our claw budget tonight.

Mommy takes it very seriously!  

Good thing...

because she won a bear for Oliver!

Oliver said the bear smelled like vanilla 
ice cream!  We think it must be because
he spent a lot of time with all the yummy
food at Coco's.

Happy Pancake Day!  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Walk

We had a nice rainy daycare day.  We were able to go on a nice walk this morning before it got too wet!  We had a nice day!


We see you beautiful flowers!
(Mommy loves red.)

Taking a rest.
(Mommy would like to rest now.)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Serious Talk

So, Oliver came home this evening.  He was excited to ride in his Daddy's Warden truck.  His Daddy was in his uniform.  So Mommy made sure that we all had a little talk about gun safety.  (If you know Mommy well you probably know she thinks gun safety is very very important.)  

Oliver showing Mommy his Daddy's gun and belt.

Hugs and more belt stuff.  (That thing with the green
button is a taser.)  Daddy tasered Mommy's
wall.  (Mommy did not think that was very funny.)

So, we had a talk about where his Daddy keeps all of this
stuff at their house.  It is kept in a locked cabinet in an
extra room that Oliver is not allowed to go into.  
Mommy found this website that has good information
about gun safety.  It even has an educational kit
that you can order to learn more and use to teach children.

Mommy asked Oliver to pinky promise that 
will follow his Daddy's new gun rules.
Oliver said he would follow the rules, but he wouldn't 
pinky promise.  Mommy's hands were probably to scary looking.
He did pinky promise later.  
(Being safe is very important to Mommy.)

Saying goodbye to his Daddy.
(Ooooo boy, still a little scary!)

On a lighter note:

Our narcissus bulbs are blooming!

"We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday!  Yippers!  

We had a nice time choosing our yums, cuddling on the bench, eating sprinkles, and driving to preschool!  

Happy Wednesday!

There he goes!  Mommy got him some
new socks.  He has never had tall socks
before.  He is so cute!

That one please!

Oliver's donut!

Mommy's donut hole!

Mommy's coffee.  
(Still a good power combo.)

We got our picture taken!  We even smiled
for the camera!  


Oliver wouldn't open the door for Mommy 
today.  He said the door handle would be
 to cold.  Thats okay, Mommy will
allow this behavior...for now.  (Mommy
is kind of an enabler.)

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school!  Mommy already misses Oliver.  She will see him Sunday evening.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We had a nice day.  Oliver didn't have preschool today so Mommy tried really really hard to keep him busy at home with the babies!  We went on a couple walks too!

Morning Walk:

Oliver on the rocks!

Walking the line.  

Grabbing our wish flower.

Making a wish.  He wanted Mommy to
wish too.  (She did.)

Walking the line without shoes!

Walking the line again!  (He is sure good
at this walking the line stuff.)

We had to make a pit stop.  We took off this 
string that was wrapped up on the whatever it is...

Oliver helped!

Oliver noticed that there were leaf imprints on the curb
by the local school.  Kind of neat.

In between our walks:
We played, ate, played, colored, pouted, drank,
cried, played, and laughed.  

The room is still a work in progress.  
Mommy decided that the ABC mats
didn't go well with the ABC rug, so she put a 
little red rug there. 
 (Mommy likes everything to be in balance.)

Night Walk:
Oliver had a flashlight.  This is the Kung Fu Panda
street.  It was kind of creepy.
Wheatgrass Tuesday!  (Mommy needs it.)

Oliver fell asleep on our walk.  Cuteness!