Sunday, September 30, 2012


We had a nice Sunday together!  We had fun visiting with Grammie in the late morning!  Then we were off for some swimming and some reading!  Yippie!  We love the weekends!

Happy Sunday!

Headed to the pool!

Getting our bracelets from Jessica!

Checking out the fountain!  

Showered and ready!

Cute beans!  The lifeguards in the background
were practicing different drills.  Oliver
asked a lot of really good questions!

Mommy got some chemical kisses!

Dancing toward the showers!

Library Time!

Choosing his movie for the week!

He loves Curious George!
He chose the full length movie!

Asking politely to use the computer.

He played games for an hour while Mommy
caught up on some reading!

On the way home we talked about why the Chicken
Farm in Elfin Forest has been all closed up for the past
few weeks.  They are starting to tear down the old
houses now.  Mommy found an article here. 742
homes will be built there!  That sure will change
our little "backcountry" drive. 
 (It makes Mommy kind of sad.)

We made a milk run tonight!  Oliver fell
asleep on the way back.  Sweet babe.

Happy last day of September!  

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Balboa Park

This morning we headed to Balboa Park in San Diego!  We had a really nice time together!  We discovered so many things that we need to go back and explore!  

Happy Saturday!  

We spy downtown!

He insisted on bringing that bag.
He carries it like a messenger bag or
how Mommy likes to carry her purse.
He has two snakes packed in that bag.

First Stop

The Carousel!

(Mommy's ride.)



Puppet Show

Mommy found this ad awhile ago and she has been
wanting to go to the theater!

Our tickets for our very first puppet show together!

We saw The Adventures of Snow White or
7 Little Men and a Princess  

Oliver chose front row seats!!!

The woman who started the theatre in the 50s!
Marie Hitchcock.  

A Thank You Letter to Marie from
Ronald Reagan!  
(Mommy has the same birthday as him!)

More information about this really neat place!

Mommy let Oliver chose a finger puppet...

and we joined the Puppet Club!  So we will be back!

The Puppeteer!
The Puppeteer changes with each new show that
is performed!  Next month there are some 
interesting Halloween shows!  Hopefully we can see one!

Prince Handsome, Prince Oliver, and the Wicked
Queen dressed as an Ugly Old Woman.  


Oliver sipping Lemonade and the Pika finger puppet
encouraging him along!

Rueben H. Fleet Center

Our free ticket for Museum Day!

Enter a world of fun and wonder!

We had fun in the kaleidoscope together!

The Grossology exhibit was pretty awesome!

Oliver was making some pretty nasty farts at this station!

Back to the other fun stuff at the science center.


We thought the Smart cars were neat!

Oliver played for a long time!

Mommy went and sat on a bench...

and she celebrated National Coffee Day 
with her book!  (Still dreaming...)

Oliver made a lot of friends when he brought his
snake to the playground!

Walking back to the car.  
We had a lot of fun together!!!

Yippie for fun parks with lots of museums and interesting things to do together!  
And yippie for cozy beds and Sunday mornings!