Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Natural History

Day two at the Natural History Museum camp!

We love the city!

Cleaning the fountain! 

Oliver taking Mommy behind the scenes!

His natural name tag!

They have the same poster thats in 
Mommy's bedroom!

Oliver learned a lot today and taught some 
things to his teachers too.  He learned about
coastal habitats today and tomorrow he will 
learn about the chaparral habitat!

At home he got lost in the 15th Avenue habitat!

These two naturalists were navigating youtube
for ideas on how to build crawdad habitats 
in your backyard!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Natural History

Oliver had his first day at his San Diego Natural History Museum summer camp, called "Hooray for Habitats!"  His Grandma drove him down this morning and got him all situated and Mommy picked the tired, happy, knowledgeable camper up in the afternoon.  These camps are right up his alley!  

Pick up play time. 


He LOVES learning about animals, but it also
teaching the teachers about animals.  Mommy
is glad he is so passionate about nature and animals.

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Sunday, June 28, 2015


We were going to have a restful Sunday....

It started that way at Stagecoach, crawdad fishing.

Mommy's Setup.

Oliver's Setup.

The library was in our plans for a restful day...

Reporting.  The boy wasn't amused by Oliver's
reporting of the Dumb Easter Bunnies book we
read last night.  The girl next to him was though!

Looking for his name.

Found it!

Doing his mandatory daily summer reading.
(At least when he is with Mommy.)

Not in our plans and not super restful...

We stopped to check out the Elfin Forest Fire 
Department and Community 4th of July Celebration!

We bought some game tickets.

Won two cakes at the cake walk.

The moment he won his first cake!

He chose this one!

He spent a lot of tickets dunking
the super sweet girl in the dunk tank!

They let him press the button a lot.
Eyes rolling.

At home Mommy wanted to rest...

But all the neighbor kids were in and out, in and out,
in and out...

Mommy made sure they ate some cake!!!

Happy not-so-slow Sunday!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Major Breakthrough

We had a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in cousin town today!  Keep reading to find out the news!

We picked up our Marshmallows for the summer
reading program!  Look at this beautiful preschool
graduate!  Ready for kindergarten at La Costa Meadows!


That is Oliver and Rachel, hand in hand
walking towards the Home Depot Workshop!

And this is Oliver teaching Rachel how to use a
hammer and place the nail on the project.

And this is Oliver helping Rachel use a hammer
for her first time!   Yay!  These two seem to have 
gotten over their pestering, annoying little relationship!
Mommy figured it wouldn't be long.

Now, how long until the Marshmallow stops running 
in circles!?! (Hmmm.)

Off to the library:

They are all signed up!  This is the baby wall.  Shane
is up there somewhere!  Mommy made him a silver star!

Working towards the 7 reports for the t-shirt!

The volunteers were so sweet and loved these two!

Waylon is an expert reporter!

Oliver didn't need Mommy's help at all!

They all stayed together and followed directions!

Book Bag!

Library swag!

Drink time.  They sat at a table and chatted real
nice while Mommy got drinks.  Waylon is growing
up too.  A little bittersweet, but SO much easier
to take them all together!

Happy Summer Reading!