Saturday, November 30, 2013


We had a nice Saturday!

Off to swim lessons!

Being silly about something.


Checking out the pool population.
It was a little light because of the holiday!

Blue skies over the instructional pool.

Blue skies over the competition pool!

Off to his lesson!

He learned how to grab rings from the bottom
of the pool today!

After his lesson, the teacher wanted to
give Mommy the November progress report!

Cute beans!  Oliver is 65% of the way through
the Polliwogs!  He has the skills for swimming
he just needs to work on his confidence!

Oliver was off with his Daddy after
swim for some Christmas Tree
Trimming at his Grandma's Home.

Mommy had a lot to do while she waited!

(Can you guess where she went?)

Afterwards, we went and got some goldfish.
Oliver was excited!

Mommy liked all the fish signs!

Watching his fish!  He was excited!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Funny Word

Oliver came home this afternoon.  He has been saying a funny word, Hos-ti-pal.  That is how he pronounces, hospital!  Its kind of cute.  (Mommy needs to document it!)

Oliver fell on all the ornaments when we were decorating!
He said, "I need to go to the Hostipal!"

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


 Happy Thanksgiving!
We had a wonderful dinner with our family today!

When we arrived at Grammie and Grandpa's
 it smelled yummy!

Aunt Jess was making Denny's yam
recipe with MARSHMALLOWS!  

Aunt Jess helped Mommy with her Brussel
Sprout with Maple Butter dish!

Grandpa worked on the turkey in his cute sweater!

Mommy's marshmallow had a hairstyle
that reminded her of the "Princess Bride"
for some reason.  Mommy really loves
this little girl a lot!

And this little girl wearing Oliver's shoes
and coming to give Mommy a hug!
(Mommy loves being an Aunt!)  

The kids were busy, busy!

 Enjoy the Cousin Thanksgiving Picture:

Uh, yeah, it didn't really work very well!
Oh well!

More fun and family:

We made the bracelets that Amanda taught Mommy
how to make a long time ago...

Rachel was such a good listener!  She is starting
preschool soon and is going to be such a good student!

Claire is a very good listener too!  She tried putting
the beads on the pipe cleaner just like her older cousins!

Feast Time:

Kid table!

 Playing off our food:
This girl cracks Mommy up!

These two are going to be sore tomorrow from
all their karate moves!

Family Pictures:

Zac and Sam!  We missed Emma, she
is in Indiana visiting with her Grandma.

The Loflens!

Mommy and Oliver.

Uncle Matthew and Waylon!

Quick Snapshot of Grammie and Claire.

Thanksgiving Birdwalk:
Grammie looks so young.  Lucky Grammie!!!
Hopefully her three daughters will be just as lucky!

Grandpa and Rachel enjoying the cool weather!

Rachel really liked the crafts Mommy and
Oliver brought.

Horsey Rides before they went home!

Mommy will leave you with some sweetness:
Aunt Jess's Yule Log!
Oliver said it was very, "rich!"

Mommy took an aerial shot of the deserts.

Mommy is grateful for her family!