Monday, April 30, 2012


Oliver came home at noon today!  He immediately began to hunt for slugs:

He found a lot of them on this drain lid thingy.  

He wanted Mommy to hold one.
(Mommy kind of has a thing for that slug.)
But not the slime that got all over her fingers!

Narcissus bulbs are blooming!

Roly Poly hunting!

Successful Roly Poly Hunter!

In the evening we finally watched the rest of Aladdin
with Oliver's horse.

We liked the magic carpet ride!

A Whole New World.  (Dreamy.)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aunt Jessica's Baby Shower

Today was a special day for Aunt Jessica and her little baby.  We celebrated them with a special shower of friends, gifts, and warmth.

Mommy took tons and tons of pictures (documenting is important), here are a lot of them:




Jess's friend Danielle made this yummy coffee cake.
She has a blog with lots of yummy recipes.  Here is the link.



Mommy's favorite!

Beautiful Hosts

Sarah and Robin


Mommy wrote "Fourteen" Magazine, when she was fourteen.

Sarah, Jessica's best bud from grade school and beyond
 wanted to walk down memory lane.
Waylon liked looking at his Mama!

(Mommy has always liked writing and taking pictures.)

Silly.  So glad Grammie has kept the magazine!


Watching a balloon fly to space.

Discussing proper poses for taking pictures...


Uncle Chad came for gift opening.  Very nice!

Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad received many nice gifts!
Their baby girl will be well dressed, 
comfy in all her baby gear and very loved by many people.

Garden Pictures

Remember this pose?

We made a modification!


Authentic sweet pose.  Holding back tears...

Press on the link for a sweet song for Aunt Jess and her baby girl.