Monday, June 30, 2014


Our Summer of Reading Continues!  Mommy took Claire to Storytime at the Downtown Carlsbad library!  It was fantastic!

Mommy is sure that Oliver is having fun on his camping trip!  Hopefully doing a lot of environmental print reading!  There should be a lot of camping, hiking, road, and billboard signs he can read as he travels to his campsites!  (Mommy misses Oliver a lot.)

Here are some pictures of Storytime:

She followed directions very well!

Playtime after the story and get the wiggles out dance time!

We sang this song altogether!
Claire loved it!

Puppet Box!

She helped Mommy look for a book
on the catalog for Rachel!

We found the book!
Rachel is busy reading it now with her Mimi!

Claire picked out her own book to check out.

She was a very good girl!  
So, so grown up!

She learned a new word too!  
"Venture," Mommy loves 
to go on adventures with her nieces, nephew, and Oliver!

Mommy loves being an Aunt!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Donut Wednesday

Yippie Donut Wednesday!  We went to VGs in Cardiff this morning on the way to Archery camp which is at a school in Cardiff.  We had a nice time.  

Oliver was more interested in the cakes.

And the cookies.

We shared this donut.  

But not Oliver's cupcake.

(Mommy's Coffee.)

A neat Jeep parked next to us as we were leaving.

Oliver is super into learning about
Native American's right now!

We got to camp about 15 minutes after
the drop off times.  Oliver was happy to be at camp!

Oliver is off with his Daddy and Scout now.  Mommy will not see Oliver for awhile.  He is leaving for a camping trip this weekend.  He should be back by July 3rd.  Mommy will for sure see him on his 7th Birthday on the 4th of July!  She misses him already and secretly turned around about 15 times to look at him before she left camp this morning.  She knows he will have a really, really good time though and she can't wait to hear all his stories!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer of Reading

Oliver continued archery camp today, he was reluctant to go back at first, but was smiling when Mommy dropped him off and really, really happy when Mommy picked him up!  Yay for summer camps!  The rest of the day was devoted to our Summer of Reading:

Claire went to drop off Oliver- she
was reading on the way back!

Then Mommy picked up her Marshmallows
for the summer reading program at the library,
Mommy will pick up Rachel and Waylon
on Tuesdays- she will post pictures always
for her readers:

Mommy liked the sparkles in the cement at
the library.

Rachel said they were like her sparkly flip flops.


They reported on a book called "Fleabag."
(Mommy knows a scruffy, cute fleabag.)  

We looked for Oliver's paw but couldn't find it.

We read a couple of books!

They liked the cat collection.
We had fun!

Then Mommy picked up Oliver
a half hour early, she wanted to make
sure he adjusted well the whole day- she worries:

It was too early so the pick-up music wasn't on!
The stereo is usually blasting with some good stuff!

Pick-Up!  He buttoned his own "sun shirt"
today!  Cute!

Oliver and his enthusiastic, sweet camp counselor, Justin.

Mommy had a surprise from the claw machine
in the car for Oliver.  Oliver thought it was 
pretty funny!

We were off to report on our reading:

Oliver reported!

We found Oliver's paw!

He got to choose another book and got a notepad prize!

He made a craft!

His summer reading book bag!

Mommy turned in her three reports!  She got a neat
bag and pen for reporting!  She hopes to win
again this year!

We made it to the Escondido Library too:

We'll see about this program.  It is not
as interactive and that is what motivates Oliver 
and makes it extra fun!  

We are excited to continue of Summer of Reading!