Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun Day!

Oliver had a really fun Y day at his elementary school!  When we came home he asked Mommy to please not pick him up so early!  Mommy was only a few minutes earlier than normal because it is closer to home!  Mommy is so glad he is enjoying some big boy fun and is happy that he is transitioning so well!  Change is fun, change is good!

Happy with his light up backpack and his
Thomas the Train lunchbox!

Going down Bernardo Mountain Lane.

Afternoon!  Getting some water!

We rested this evening.  First we read our book, then watched
the movie!  Mommy always prefers to read the book and then
watch the movie.  It just doesn't feel right if its the other way around.
  (What is your preference readers?)
There were already a bunch of changes at the very beginning of the movie!

Oliver only watched the first five minutes and then fell asleep!  

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Library Reporting

This evening we did our last book reporting at the library!  The reading program ends on Friday so we made sure to get in our reports tonight!  (We will keep devouring our books though!)  We had a really fun short visit to the library!

Returning Mommy's book!
(Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver.  Good read!)

Mommy reporting!  
Oliver likes to climb the stairs at the library!

Oliver going to report!

He chose to talk about a book that had a
bully as the main character.

The prizes today a light or a kaleidoscope!  

He earned 10 reporting stamps so he received
a packet of fun coupons for free visits to
some museums and restaurants...

and a TROPHY!!! 

Proud Reader!
(Reading is pretty special!)

Sharing his goodies with his Grammie!

Happy Reading Monday!  

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mommy and Oliver had another day packed full of fun!  

Grammie and Grandpa's:

He said he was stuck in the tree.  Mommy
didn't believe him.  She left him there for a while.
She did help him out before she took her Y break though.


He reported on his Monster Truck book!


Going to the pool!  He is getting braver and braver!

Going to the splash pad!

Aunt Jess and Uncle Chad's Birthday Party:
Mommy took a lot of random family pictures today!

Claire and Aunt Jess when she was a baby.
Well, at least Grammie thinks that is Aunt Jess's baby
picture.  She knows its not Mommy.  (That is because
the baby is too "pretty", Grammie has said that Mommy
was just a "cute" baby.  Have I ever told you that?)
Giggles.  (Grammie has also said that Mommy grew into
her lips, she was worried at first.  Geez!)
Anyways, isn't Claire beautiful?

Rachel was totally taunting Oliver.  Mommy thinks
its just going to keep getting worse for Oliver and
funnier for us to watch!

Fanning Aunt Jess!  Feeding a newborn is hard work!  

Claire's feet and both of her Aunt's hands!

Claire's Daddy's feet.  She kind of has her Daddy's long toes.
(Mommy thinks these feet would make a good/weird
childrens story.  She is not sure what the plot would
be, she'll have to think about it!)

Mommy's favorite nephew!  

Trying to get a picture...


Mommy can't believe she has two nieces!  

Mommy liked this pose!

Summer Birthday Couple!
Happy Birthday!

Pouty face.


Rachel took this pretty picture!

We had a lot of rocket balloon fun!

More sweetness!  

(Happy Sunday!)