Friday, May 31, 2013


We went for a nice swim in the deepness tonight!  Swimming in the deepness adds a lot of fun to our swim adventures!  Its easier to be playful with each other and instead of being unsure, Oliver is smiling and laughing!  Mommy is still so proud of him!

To the Y we go.

It took us a while to get to the pool tonight.
Can you spot Oliver?

How about Olive?


Oliver was excited to try his new kick board
in the pool.  But the lifeguards wouldn't let
him bring it in.  They had to ban them from
the pool.  Bummer!
We had a nice swim!

After we went to see if Aunt Jess was playing her
soccer game!  We couldn't see her, Mommy couldn't
remember the time of her game.

But Oliver liked watching the "show."  And 
laughing at....

The referee.  He kept making funny faces at us.
Oliver couldn't stop laughing!  We'll be back!

(Mommy found what we were looking for!)
Mommy's camera wasn't working very well.
But if you are a fan, you know its, Little Walker Claire!

We got in the back of the car and cuddled with her!

She is such a cutie!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams!)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice sweet donut time together this morning!

Jumping up to show Mommy the donut holes he wanted!

He calls them Birthday donut holes!


Mommy's coffee was waiting for her.

Oliver's donut holes.

Mommy's donut hole.

It was a pretty quiet, sweet, cuddly
Donut Wednesday.

Mommy's Coffee.
(Dark and kind of Mysterious.)

National Donut Day next Friday!

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see her little donut hole eater on Friday for a nice Together weekend.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yoga Tuesday

Oliver had a good day at school!  The school year is winding down, only three more weeks of Kindergarten.  Oliver is very excited for a break from school!

We wound down tonight before bed with some yoga!  

Our messy yoga studio.

Mommy went first.  We did the mountain poses.

Mommy really likes the yoga cards we got at the
garage sale.  Each pose has a nice mantra that is
written in the middle of the card.

Oliver teaching Mommy the frog again!

The roaring lion!

Warrior!  Look how cute his face looks!

Nothing Doll.

Mommy was in the Nothing Doll position with her eyes closed
 and someone jumped on her.  Kind of funny, kind of
not funny.

We wound down even more with some bedtime stories.
Mommy likes this one.
(Goodnight and sweet fairytale dreams!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Mommy and Oliver had a nice Memorial Day together!  Oliver slept late while Mommy ran her heart out in a short fast run.  Then we spent some time swimming at the Y!

Walking the wall at the Y in his 2013
Birthday shirt and American bathing suit.
He was very patriotic today!  He also knew 
about the Holiday and who we were honoring.

Special hours today!

They always have prizes too!  We didn't win though!

But we won at the pool!

No other children were in the pool!
We had to ask the manager to open the
door for us!  (Mommy likes having
doors open for her.  Her coffee is with her.)

It was a very beautiful day today.

Counting how many people in the pool.
Four adults.  We liked that!
It was fun to watch Oliver in the
"deepness" today!

Too fast for Mommy!  We had a nice swim!
Two more families came in the pool and they
were both families we knew!  That was fun!

We came home to rest and play:

Oliver worked on taking the sunflowers down.  Mommy
didn't ask him too, she guesses he thought it must be time.

He asked her to harvest it with her.  Mommy
sat down to pull out the seeds, but a bunch of 
bugs kept scrambling out!  So, she took a break!
We will harvest the seeds this week!

Mommy felt like taking Memorial Day pictures:

Thanks Aunt Jess for the pretty flowers!

We love our country!  
We are thankful for all the men and women who have served
in the military and made it possible for us to live here.

(Oliver kept singing "You're a Grand Old Flag" today.  It was really cute!)