Saturday, March 31, 2012

Junior Carlsbad

This morning Oliver and Rachel ran their Junior Carlsbad races!  We had so much fun!!!

The comment of the day happened when we parked and were ready to get out of the Adventure Subaru.  Oliver said, "Let's leave Rachel in the car."  Funny Oliver.  

Here are some pictures of our fun day:

Grammie was prepping Rachel with Oliver's race picture
from last year before we got to her house. 

Running to pick up their bibs!

We got to see the 5 year olds race start!  Neat!!!

Putting bibs on with some pre-race tears....

Grammie and Rachel going to the finish line
to meet Mommy and Oliver when we were done.

Oliver's Start line!

So Cute!

Mommy and Oliver at the start line!

We both needed new shoes, so we got some.  (Finally.)
They are good race shoes!

Pre-race anxiety.  Serious!

After the horn blew, he was having fun!
No more anxiety!  

Go Oliver!

Look at that stride!

Mommy's runner!

Running the line! (He is good at that!)

Receiving his medal.

Proud 4 year old!

Getting hydration.

And some potassium.  

Finish line!

Grammie with her babies.

Pre-race snack for Rachel!


Rachel's race!!!  
Look who is behind us and in front of us!  
Eileen and James!  We didn't even see each other until
the finish line!  Funny picture!

Go, go, go Rachel!


Surprised and happy to see each other!  

Cute picture.  (Rock.)  Oliver is going through a
growth spurt and is eating every 10 seconds so about
here he started to get crazy with hunger and Rachel
is crying because she didn't want Aunt Mere to put her down.
(This is Mommy's favorite picture!)

Expo time!  Oliver got sports balls for him and Rachel!

Playing with bean sacks!

Rachel played too!  She threw them right
in front of her!  Cuteness!

Oliver wanted a train.  He had to answer some
safety questions.  He did a good job!  The man
liked Oliver's sweatshirt and said he was a 
"Boilermaker" too!


We stopped at the library on the way home!

Rachel loved it!

She couldn't believe all the books!

And the neat displays!

Happy Saturday!  

Friday, March 30, 2012


Oliver came home for last minute daycare!  We had fun with the babies today, we played a whole bunch in the yard today!  (We never rested, now Mommy is ready for sleep!)  Mommy's new camera came at the end of the day.  She took this picture of Oliver checking it out!  We love it and the quality!  So glad Grandpa got Mommy hooked on Coolpix cameras!  Grandpa is a smarty!

Happy Friday!  Mommy will see Oliver for his big race in the morning and then again on Monday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Donut Wednesday

Donut Wednesday!  Yippie!  We had a nice time nibbling donuts, sipping our drinks, and cuddling.  Oliver had to sit in Mommy's lap because the seats were too cold!

Happy Wednesday!

Mommy's camera is still missing so she is recreating our morning with old pictures!

Oliver's Donut.

Mommy didn't get a donut hole.  She just sampled some
of Oliver's donut!  She thought this was a good picture
to use, its a sample for a Hot Chocolate Race that was at an expo.
(Mommy is kind of having a hard time without a camera.  She takes
pictures of everything.  It feels weird.)

Mommy's Coffee!

Precious Oliver.  
(Lately only when he is sleeping or cuddling.)

He opened the door for Mommy because
her hands were full!  (Sweet gentleman.)

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school.  Mommy will see him for a short bit on Saturday for his big race and then again on Sunday evening.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So, we race around so much, snapping pictures here and there that Mommy's camera finally said, "I'm tired!"  (Really.)  We are waiting for our new camera to arrive in the mail, but here is a cute picture of Oliver racing at the Carlsbad 5000 last year!

He said today he had races with Annalise and some others on the playground!  He said he won all the races!  He is training for his race that is on Saturday!  This year he will run with all 4 years olds and they will run 1/4 mile!

We had a nice evening together at home!  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day at Home

We had a nice slow day at home with the daycare babies.

Reading in the morning:
We were reading together before our first daycare
baby came over.  We really like to spend time together
before our friends come in the morning.

Once our baby came, he joined us.  We
were all major morning goofballs on the couch!

Morning Walk:

We went for a short walk.  The "For Sale" signs at
the Winery were down.  We wonder if they sold it?

Kung Fu Panda!

We came home and played in the yard:

Oliver hacked away at the spiderweb on our trunk.
Mommy wanted to take a picture of it first.
Pretty water droplets in the web!

We tackled some tough weeds!

And found slugs, worms, and roly polies to put in...  

our worm habitat!  
(Mommy likes that snail on the side, going up!)

Yummy worm!