Sunday, July 31, 2016


Oliver came home this afternoon and we are in the midst of preparations.  Preparations for our two days at Disneyland!  Summer fun continues (Mommy's summer school assignment stress continues, oh well, Mickey will make it better!)  

Oliver played with some neighborhood 
friends, his The Dangerous Book for
Boys book is open there on the wall
with a pvc pipe for a bookmark.  Sigh.

Yes!  Always our mantra, but definitely

We'll be back on Wednesday and Mommy will blog some Disney pictures!  She promises to get some Indiana pictures up here too, maybe when summer school ends.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Undonut Wednesday

We've been busy, so we made Trader Joe's chocolate croissants for breakfast this morning.  We had a nice morning, Oliver hung around creating and playing with Mattias, while Mommy worked on an assignment.  

Rising Overnight.

Morning after being baked.

(Mommy's tea.)

Serious business.  Mommy is tired of
multi-tasking and needs a break.  Oh well.

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see him at 2:00 on Sunday to prep for DISNEYLAND!  She can't wait to spend a couple days unplugged there and enjoy a hotel room for two nights! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Catching Up

We are playing catch-up.  Oliver caught up with his Daddy this morning over breakfast, then we caught up on summer reading reporting, Mommy caught up on her studies (kind of), and Oliver caught up for a long time in the backyard with Mattias.  


Receiving his t-shirt while eating a

Playing in the range with Mattias.

Mommy catching up with her group
for a class.  Oliver was catching up with
a bath and PBS Kids shows!

We had a nice day catching up.  

Monday, July 25, 2016


We are home and had a wonderful, humid, rainy, thundering, lightening, friendly vacation.  Oliver conked out after a good bath!  Mommy has pictures but she will post a couple blogs over the next week.  She is thankful that she was able to take Oliver on this nice vacation (she has worked very hard this year to be able to do this, she wouldn't have it any other way.)

Lots of memories.

Lots of smiles.

Lots of fun exploring.  Yoga room at the airport today!
Oliver rubbing his eyes and it was only 12:00!

Thank goodness for summer vacations! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pancakes, Books, and Birthdays

Oliver spent the morning with Grammie and Shane, then Claire after she got home from pre-school.  They ate pancakes at iHop to together, Mommy got some cute pictures, but she can't put them here right now!  Mommy picked up Oliver after she interned and we went to report at the library!  

Oliver learned how to make it and took it.
He will make it later!


Mommy's desks are FINALLY back!  They
weren't there on Saturday when she spent 7 hours
working, writing, working on assignments.  She is glad
they are back.

Oliver went to celebrate Noah's 8th birthday!  His mom
made the cake!  Amassssssing!


Sweetness.  Mommy dropped Grady and
Oliver off at the party.  They were kind of
excited to be on their own!

Happy birthday to friends!

We are off early in the morning for Chicago and Indiana!  Yay!  Mommy won't be blogging while she is there, she also won't have amazing pictures to share when she gets back because her camera broke last week and it's getting fixed.  (Oh well.)  We are going to have fun and make some memories!  Here we come midwest humidity, iceberg lettuce, humble and kind people, and pretty drives!  

Monday, July 11, 2016

Run, Jump, Climb, and Pack

We had an active day!
We ran at the lake with this dog whose
tongue was flying in Mommy's face as she drove.

We climbed and jumped at Rockin' Jump
for Grady's 8th birthday!








Oliver ate a yummy lunch!

Received a nice goody bag!

Had fun with friends.

And Cub Scouts!

Yay for July Birthdays!


We came home to pack for our trip, play with Mattias, and Mommy is working on her homework and meeting with a group in a few minutes.  Vacation is almost here, almost here, almost here, almost here, almost here....................

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Oliver came home today....with Scout.  She is spending the night with Oliver since we are leaving on Wednesday morning and they won't see each other for two weeks.  Mommy wonders if she'll end up in her bedroom tonight, since we spent two weeks together in June. She is a good dog.

She had to stay inside when we did some 
errands because there are to many chickens in 
her kennel.  We had 9 chickens.  (Chicken.)

We had fun at our local Walmart.  Not
really, but at least Mommy got most of 
her classroom school supplies and Oliver
found a baseball glove he liked.

He is signed up for baseball in fall.  He 
is very excited.  Any baseball lovers
out there?  Oliver would love to practice!

Mommy is glad Oliver is home.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Scout Camp

Scout Camp was a success!  Oliver had fun and learned a lot!  Today they had a reptile show!  A man brought a bunch of animals for the scouts to touch and learn about!

Turtle (Slow.)

Boys getting all tangled up with a snake!

Tired eyes.

End of camp skits. The parents were invited.
Mommy was there.

Kit Carson Park is very pretty.

Scouts oath.  He needs to work on 
putting his two fingers up in the air!

Their skit.

Campfire.  Giggles.

Mommy will see Oliver on Sunday at 5:00 with his bike and baseball goods ready to go!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Scout Camp

There he goes again....having a blast at Scout Camp!

Checking out lunch time trade shop stuff!

Here is my money Mommy.  

Magic Show Fun!

Showing Mommy his art project that 
is kind of like basket weaving, but then
you throw it and it scatters like arrows.

Mommy will see Oliver tomorrow for more fun Scout Camp!  (She wonders if he still is mad at her for signing him up for camp.  Still exhausted over that drama.)