Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday 9th Oliver and 240th USA!  Oliver had a great day fishing with friends!

Oliver went to breakfast with his Daddy and got
a really cool (to Oliver) air rifle gun.  They 
practiced it in the range when he came back.
It is not allowed in the range and will
stay at his Daddy's.  It is too dangerous
for Mommy's home.

We have grapes!

A tomato too!  

We dressed up our home for these important

Oliver got a bat from Mommy for his birthday!

Some cash too!

He was excited about all of this!

Mommy gave him a neat book too.

Patriotic Birthday.  

Fixing a flag.  It was on the ground.

We picked up the sushi and the boys wanted to
look at fish.  

He also gave some money to a Vietnam Vet.  We see
him a lot.  He is a real sweet man.  

Annual Picture:

Putting all the options here for printing consideration!

 Fishing time at Dixon Lake:
Oliver said he knew who he could catch if he used
Kernel corn as bait.  Giggles!  (Guess who?)
Mommy is so glad he can read so well!

Their stuff.

Mommy got a lot of reading and some assignments done.

Danielle and James joined us on a whim!

Funny....she caught the first fish!

Little fish today!

The girls went for a hike to see the campground and
look at the views!  They were looking at the boxes
to hide food in an campgrounds from animals!

Oliver's Catch.  The red worms worked the best.
 We got home around 8:30!  Danielle and James
ate cake with us and we watched the fireworks
from our porch!  Pictures will be posted later
once Eileen sends them!

He got his cake ready at the same time he was getting
his fish ready to gut!  Gross yummy.  

Happy Birthday Firecracker! 

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