Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pancakes, Books, and Birthdays

Oliver spent the morning with Grammie and Shane, then Claire after she got home from pre-school.  They ate pancakes at iHop to together, Mommy got some cute pictures, but she can't put them here right now!  Mommy picked up Oliver after she interned and we went to report at the library!  

Oliver learned how to make it and took it.
He will make it later!


Mommy's desks are FINALLY back!  They
weren't there on Saturday when she spent 7 hours
working, writing, working on assignments.  She is glad
they are back.

Oliver went to celebrate Noah's 8th birthday!  His mom
made the cake!  Amassssssing!


Sweetness.  Mommy dropped Grady and
Oliver off at the party.  They were kind of
excited to be on their own!

Happy birthday to friends!

We are off early in the morning for Chicago and Indiana!  Yay!  Mommy won't be blogging while she is there, she also won't have amazing pictures to share when she gets back because her camera broke last week and it's getting fixed.  (Oh well.)  We are going to have fun and make some memories!  Here we come midwest humidity, iceberg lettuce, humble and kind people, and pretty drives!  

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