Sunday, July 3, 2016


We had a nice day.  We hung out at home and Oliver got really antsy, so Mommy made a few calls and he was lucky and had some friends over.

In the morning though, we stopped at Major Market
to order Sushi, but our favorite bakery girl was
there and she made Oliver a special cake for his 

Special ordering his sushi lunch for his birthday!

Blank slate.

She is so good at decorating!

We'll show you tomorrow!


Hanging out in the range.

On our way to the park we showed Grady the
Hollywood house, he'd never seen it before!

Mommy took the boys to Kit Carson Park
to practice baseball.  Oliver can't get enough of
all the equipment and learning about the game.  

He hit a few balls and even started to kind of, maybe
just a little get the hang of catching a ball with his glove.

Practice will make it better. 

Mommy studied for awhile.  Then had
to go put out some small fires on 
the ball field. (Story of her life.)

Then she ended up playing with them.

The baseball field and some time with friends
helped Oliver see that summer is not boring.

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