Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Busy Tuesday

Some Tuesdays are SOOOOO busy!


Latte for Mommy:


They cooked up their tin foil recipes
from the last meeting!  Yum!

Pick up basketball while they waiting
for their meals!

Mommy got a little bit of steak and veggies...

While Oliver ate an elk burger he prepared!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Oliver's day was artful.  

Art at the Boys and Girls Club.

The art of wondering why his
mom was spying on him...like a weirdo.

The art of words and believing in yourself.

Oliver's art.

The art of losing your first molar.
That seems like a pretty big deal!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


We had a full weekend.  Full of play, love, and giggles.

Mommy picked up Claire and Shane 
from these goofballs!

We spent the day together.

Admired the snow on the mountains. 



Watched Mommy's students okay a game of soccer.

Watch the win!

These two enjoyed rough housing.

They liked sitting in the circle the best.

Moomy's students think this tastes fodo

First ice cream truck purchase!


Play ball!

Dance with Aunt Mere!

Ahhh, Toddles of stinjers


Getting nourished at Major Market.

Picking up ingredients for a Scout project.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Donut Wednesday

It was a pretty quiet Donut Wednesday and Oliver was off to school this morning.  Yay.

Oliver is with his Daddy and Scout now.  Mommy will see him on Saturday for some together time and his first baseball practice.  She misses him.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

To Do List

We had a few things to do this afternoon after Mommy picked up Oliver from his Daddy.  Oliver should be VERY WELL RESTED NOW and READY to return to school tomorrow.  

Our Subaru, we named him Zippy, is all
up to date with oil and air.  Our mechanic
is pleased with our new car!  

After that errand, we had two things on our list.
Get donuts for Wednesday and DANCE! 

Mommy's hand and wrist are feeling so much better, so
she braved the dance floor!  Oliver is nervous of the hoop....

But wait, this wasn't on our list.  Before we
danced we stopped at Sprout and found this 
little kindergartner!  Chase!  Mommy used to
watch him when he was a baby.  He asked her
if he could come over.....giggles. 

Now we are getting ready to read some 
more of the first chapter in Harry's second book.  

Lists are fun!

Monday, January 23, 2017


Our day was full of wackiness.  First, Oliver didn't feel ready to go back to school.  He stayed with his Daddy while Mommy worked.  On our way home we stopped at the mechanics to get help with our tires.  Wacky lights went on this morning on Mommy's drive.  Tires are not Mommy's favorite thing in the world.  Everything is fine though.  We'll be back for a tune up tomorrow.

This was sort of lucky and wacky:

$300 Popcorn Scouts at the Pack Show get donuts and 
hot chocolate tonight.  Oliver couldn't go because he was sick.

But, Mommy had to drop off prizes to the Ginders, who
were the holders of the donuts....

Oliver was feeling well enough to get what he earned.
Wacky huh?
He actually shared some with Mommy.  Even wackier.

Scary wacky:

Our view will be different...we came home to discover
our neighbors tree fell last night.  Everything is ok.
But their biggest tree is gone.  Wacky and scary, this rain
is doing some crazy things.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friends and Fairies

We had a busy morning full of rest, family, friends, and fairies.  We met our friends at the coffee shop for awhile and walk over to the library.  

Eileen and Baby James.  Where'd the baby go?

Mommy and Danielle had a reading
check in meeting.

She had achieved a goal we set together
and she gets to make a fairy garden.

We set another goal and she gets to make
a fairy city a block at a time.  

It is fun to goal set with someone who
is a major, unique, creative thinker.  

It's fun goal setting with this guy too. 
His goals just don't involve fun fairies.

It was a nice rainy Sunday.