Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kind of Lazy

We had a kind of lazy day.  We ran a couple of essential errands and then came home to rest FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.  We are catching up on much needed rest......from like, maybe, the last two years.

Running Center:
Mommy doesn't really like the store, but had to go.
She did like this quote and picture.

Oliver wasn't into the store at all.

He did like meeting his baseball coach at Dick's
Sporting Goods today at the Meet and Greet.

He got some batting gloves, new white
pants, and will be on the Pirates!

Mommy LOVED the guest star on Kickin' It!  It
was one of the character's Aunt Jillian.

Mommy knew who it was going to be before she
even came on the screen.

Hopefully, Oliver's Kickin' It watching today helped
with his rest and recovery.  He seems a little better.

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