Friday, January 6, 2017


Oliver came home today and helped Mommy recover from her wrist surgery.  We both, along with a few others helped our home recover from a gas leak.  The never ending saga of our old home.

Sergio, our neighbor recommended
some trustworthy local plumbers who
could help solve the problem after SDG&E
had to shut off the gas.

The plumber's son was under our home.  

They communicated through the floor.  They'll be
back Monday to get the gas back on and go
through the proper channels.

Someone was happy to eat a tri tip sandwich.

He was also happy to play a game of Sorry.

He never seemed Sorry when he took Mommy's
pieces and made them start over.

She was slow at everything today.

He thought that was hilarious.

He has been a good helper though and
also helped Mommy go for a nice hill walk.

Mommy hopes he continues to help her recover the next couple of weeks!  

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