Sunday, March 29, 2015


We kind of lounged around a lot today.

Mommy spent some time in the VIP lounge before 
and after her four 5ks this morning!  Oliver
lounged with Grammie.

Mommy caught him lounging with Scout.
He just hit his head on the table.  Mommy
told him to pretend like he didn't and smile!

He thought that was funny!  Scout
didn't care.

We lounged on our bike for our Sunday ride.

We lounged at Major Market and looked at all the 
fun gift items.

We really like the bird house there!

Oliver is on spring break for 2 weeks!  He will be going to the Boys and Girls Club in the morning and then off with his Daddy for the rest of the week.  Mommy will see him on Friday for another nice together weekend.  (Goodnight and sweet restful dreams.)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jr. Carlsbad 2015

It was a beautiful day for the Jr. Carlsbad!  Mommy got all the kiddos race entries for Christmas and everyone met up for some fun running in Carlsbad!  

Finish line.

Expo.  Oliver spotting Grammie!

He was a little pouty before the race.  Mommy woke
him from a deep sleep.  She wishes he could be
a little more perky when he wakes up.

Big sponsor!  Yay!

Schedule and map.

Meeting the Loflens!

And the little Radfords!

These two are the best together!

7 Year old start line!  Mommy's Friday Kettleworx
instructor was the leader of the stretches!  Fun!

Ready position.  Mommy thought he should 
loosen up a bit.

Oliver's cheer squad!

(Running the line.)


He just poured a bunch of water on his cute head.

This little cousin was a great sport today!  He will
be in running shoes and shorts next year!

Team Cousin start line!

Oliver was very helpful!


We switched partners!

Rachel and Waylon somewhere up there!

These two are the BEST!

Serious runners hanging out at the end.

Annual Team Cousin pictures:

Running completely turned Oliver's mood around.

Afterwards we picked up Mommy's bib for her
races tomorrow.  It was crowded.

But not Mommy's table! She is running
all the races.  There was just a small table
for our bibs and tomorrow we get a VIP
areas!  Fun!

This little head fell asleep from all the hardwork 
he did at the race!

Results!  Oliver ran a 10:35 min mile.  His goal
was 11:00 min, he met his goal!  

He even won a free entree to Rubios!  Winner!

We had a great day!