Saturday, August 31, 2013


Its nice having a friend to count on!  Mattias came up to Mommy's classroom today to play with Oliver and keep him company!  Mommy was thankful that he was able to come up with us!  We are making good progress.  

(Happy Saturday!  It is HOT!)

Friday, August 30, 2013


Mommy picked up Oliver in the afternoon today and we headed back up the mountain to Mommy's school.  We've still got a lot of work to do!!!

Mommy loves the drive!  So does Oliver!

The hill probably isn't that good for our 
ailing Adventure Subaru though.

Bell at the entrance!

Happy Kid.

Looking for room 10!

Found it!

Out to play!

Long funny story.  
(Mommy will tell you later.)

Socks on the floor, getting comfy in the classroom.

Mommy hopes he is more helpful tomorrow!
Mommy is glad he is home.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice Donut Wednesday this morning at home!  We got our donuts last night so that we could eat the yums in the morning and be off for school early!  Mommy had a teaching interview up in Valley Center early, Oliver helped a lot by getting up early and being very cooperative!  

Looking for donuts.

Oliver's Donut holes.

Mommy's Donut hole.


In the evening Oliver hung out with our neighbor Andrew and son, Axel while Mommy and his Daddy went to Back to School Night. 

Oliver's Self Portrait.

His real 1st grade portrait!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.  Mommy didn't sleep well last night, hopefully she does tonight.)

Mommy's Third Grade Teacher Portrait!

Mommy got the job and will be teaching at Valley Center Elementary!
Its just a short, pretty drive "up the mountain" from our home!
(Mommy's hands look funny.
Mommy does that with her hands when she is overwhelmed,
excited, and feeling a ton of other emotions!)

Mommy will see Oliver tomorrow afternoon for a nice together weekend!  We will be setting up Mommy's classroom for most of the weekend!  Anyone reading this who wants to come and help, just call Mommy! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Mommy said we needed more rain!  So she made some for Oliver in the backyard with the sprinklers!

Oliver made Mommy laugh with his
loincloth moves!

Fun in the rain!

We are loving our time at home together after school!
We are also looking forward to Autumn!  We are
tired of our backyard looking so dry and sad.  

(Goodnight and sweet dreams of rain and love.)

Monday, August 26, 2013


This morning Mommy was able to take Oliver to school.  She showed him how to get breakfast and then how to head out to the playground after eating!  Some days Oliver will be able to do this, now that Mommy will be substitute teaching!  He enjoyed the breakfast part, but was a bit hesitant about the playground part, he is still getting used to being a big kid on campus who gets to play on the big playground!  

Getting his chocolate milk in a bag.

Eating a peanut butter and jelly graham
cracker for breakfast.  Yum.

It started to rain just a little when Mommy 
watched Oliver walk into his classroom
from afar.  (We need rain.) He is so cute 
and Mommy is proud of her little guy!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birthday Bash

 This afternoon we celebrated Grammie and Waylon's Birthdays!!!  Waylon's Birthday isn't until September!  Oliver and Mommy will spoil him closer to his birthday!  (Mommy hopes.)  We had a nice time with family.

The Food:
Grandpa grilled kabobs with his new grill!

Aunt Ali's Guacamole.

Mommy's Salad with onions on the side.
Aunt Jess's request!

Aunt Jess's Berry Cobbler.

Vanilla ice cream made it complete!

The Scene:


Playing with his nook.  Rachel played some games
on it later and figured out how to use it on her own.
Kids and technology.

Pretty Girl.

Grilling Grandpa!

Meat heaven.

(Mommy's favorite boy.)

"Here Claire, are you hungry?"

Birthday Girl!

Jumping through hoops!

Boxes are fun!

Official Cousin Clubhouse!

Aunt Jess always makes the best deserts!

Someone is in there...

Eating his ice cream.

He got his first helmet!

And probably what will become a black
eye tomorrow morning from the fireplace bricks!
Poor Almost Two Year Old Waylon!

Happy Birthday Grammie and Waylon!