Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Today was a beautiful day.  Oliver and Mommy hung out at home for a bit, then he played with Grammie and Grandpa while Mommy took a Y break.  Oliver and Grammie were enjoying the weather outside when Mommy came back.

Mommy and Oliver had some books to pick up at the library and of course Oliver had to stop off at the doll house.  He asks a lot of questions in the library and really wants to know why we have to be so quiet.  It is hard to explain to an almost 4 year old, but Mommy tries.  He loves libraries.

After the library Mommy and Oliver took a drive along HWY 101 to Solana Beach.  We've had a Groupon  for the Solana Beach Coffee Company for a while.  So we decided to go there and eat lunch.  We took our sandwiches to Tide Park and ate at a picnic table.  Then we made our way down to the beach.  Mommy sat, while Oliver played for a bit.  We walked a little bit, Mommy put her feet in the water, and then we made our way back to the top of the cliff.  Oliver was amazing on the stairs.  He is such a little adventurer!    On our way back we stopped at The Black Sheep, a yarn shop in downtown Encinitas.  Mommy wanted to check out the beads that were advertised on the sign, but they didn't have any- at least any that we could see!  But all the yarn was so pretty.  It makes Mommy want to learn how to knit.  Oliver liked looking at everything too!

We had a great evening together.  Oliver was excited to have Grammie and Grandpa stop by for a bit.  He didn't want them to leave!  Mommy liked that Grammie kept pulling weeds in the backyard.  Nice!

Saturdays are always pretty wonderful!

Mommy took tons of pictures today.  "Documenting."

Grammie watering her pretty garden this morning.
Oliver was happily swinging watching Grammie water.

Checking out some purple flowers.
Grammie's pretty purple flowers.
Grammie's roses are so pretty.

We played "I Spy" for a bit with the doll house.  The
little boy in the corner was helping us.  Cute.
"I Spy" the Mona Lisa.  Mommy wants to go back to
Paris some day and see the Mona Lisa again.
"I Spy" a painting from Goodnight Moon.  Do you?

Encinitas.  Encinitas and the beach are nice, but
Escondido feels more like home.
Cool gumball machine at the Coffee Shop.

Oliver liked this seat.

Mommy thought this was cute.
The customer service was awesome at the Coffee Shop.
This guy gave Oliver a free chocolate milk and even helped 
him with the straw.  
The entrance to Tide Park.  Mommy likes this
street sign.
Oliver on his way to the picnic table and the ocean.
Eating his grilled cheese sandwich.

Mommy's yummy veggie and hummus wrap.  She had
to take a picture of it, it is so pretty.
Tide Park.  

Happy Oliver playing and looking at the ocean.
Sand and Stones.

Going back up the stairs.

A video of the ocean for everyone.  (Especially our
friends who don't live near the ocean.)  The sound is so peaceful.

Mommy and smug little Oliver
The Black Sheep in Encinitas (Mommy likes
the name-hmmm....)  They advertised beads
and yarn...

But all we saw was beautiful yarn.

So beautifully displayed.  (Mommy loves all the colors,
she was drawn to most of the deep reds..for some reason.)
Oliver liked touching all of the yarn.  They have some
neat classes offered there too.  

Grandpa and Oliver in the playhouse together.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Friends

We had another busy Friday with our daycare friends.  Oliver loves the little boy that comes on Fridays and they were busy playing and having fun.  Mari, our neighbor came over for the afternoon.  We had fun playing with her, the kids love her!  

Happy Friday!

Oliver playing with is cape.  Cute.

Eating lunch.  Oliver was making Mari
laugh.  Mommy likes that he finally eats
with all the other kiddos, and he actually
ate some celery today!

Rest Time.  Everyone with their sippy cups.

Oliver watching a big truck back out of our
little road.  (Sometimes the little things can
be huge!)  Oliver looks so cute in the window.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Day

Oliver had an awesome day.  He learned a lot at preschool and told Mommy all about his teachers.  He loves his teachers!  In the evening we played outside in our backyard.  Oliver used our pruning shears to cut some weeds and cilantro.  He gets really into it, its cute.  Mommy is glad that he likes to help a bit in the yard.  We have a lot of ideas for our yard...its fun having someone to share them with.  We had a great rest of the evening together.

Using his squirt bottle 

Always on a mission in our yard.

Cutting cilantro

Uncle Matthew came over to do his laundry while Oliver
was at school.  He told Mommy that her kitchen was a mess
and he called her a hippy- not nice.  He asked if she was going to 
document it for her blog.   Mommy will, just for him.
He doesn't read the blog...but he knows Mommy is going to write
 something about him tonight. He wasn't being very nice.
Mommy doesn't like when people are judgmental, and she
told him that.  She found this quote for Uncle Matthew:
"If you judge, investigate."  -Seneca

After Mommy told him why the kitchen was still a
mess after lunch--he went to investigate.  He is looking at
two babies, both under 4 months old.  There are
other babies throughout the house too.
Usually Mommy cleans up, but we have a new baby, 
who misses his Mama and doesn't sleep or eat well-
 so Mommy is busy with him.  Nobody is perfect...

Mommy loves to "document" things.  Writing a blog makes 
Mommy happy and it is nice way to reflect
on important things that happen. (It also makes life more
fun and interesting.)  Especially when you can capture things
like this-Korey's 2nd day of walking.  Cuteness.  He dived
right into Mommy to cuddle.  He is a major cuddle bug.

Our Yard

Now that it is warming up and Spring is here, we have been playing around in our yard a lot more.  It is definitely like a secret garden.  We have tons of things growing and we discover new things everyday.  We have tons of fruit trees, lots of fun weeds to pull, and seeds to plant.  We are having so much fun.  

We have Calla lilies growing all over
the front and back yard.

Beets.  Yum.

Tomatoes.  Yum again.  

Hopefully this area turns into a pumpkin patch.
We planted the seeds last week.

Pretty annual flowers.  All the kids like to water them.

Our marigolds.  In the middle are smooth rocks we
find in our yard.  Oliver and Mommy put the rocks
we painted at the Y in the middle too.  Oliver's orange
one is missing though.  One of our mischievous daycare
kiddos buried all the rocks last Friday and we still
can't find Oliver's rock.

Purple Flowers. 

Lavender near Oliver's restaurant.
Mommy read this book a while back.  It has some
really neat ideas.  Mommy is taking small baby
steps in our yard, and she is using some of
the advice the author gave.  

This is our "Three Sisters" area.  Mommy first
learned about it from the book above.  There is corn,
squash, and beans.

These are the beans.  Mommy is calling them
"Allison," they were the quickest to sprout up and 
look like a little family around each rock.  They remind
Mommy of Ali and her growing family.  She is expecting
another baby in September, and they found out today
it is a boy!  Oh boy!!!

These are the squash, Mommy is calling them "Jessica."
They took longer to come up then the other two.  
(Probably because Jessica calls herself a "naysayer.")

The last sister, is "Mommy."  It is corn, Mommy hopes
it grows tall, just the way it is supposed to be.  (Right
beside the corn is Mommy's chamomile.)

Our lavender, it is getting big.  Oliver will
need to cut it back a little.  He always gives Mommy
a lavender flower when we walk past it.
Strawberry Plant.

The flowers are so sweet and delicate.

Pretty flowers trailing through our picket
fence and down into our parking easement.  Pretty.