Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Day

Oliver had an awesome day.  He learned a lot at preschool and told Mommy all about his teachers.  He loves his teachers!  In the evening we played outside in our backyard.  Oliver used our pruning shears to cut some weeds and cilantro.  He gets really into it, its cute.  Mommy is glad that he likes to help a bit in the yard.  We have a lot of ideas for our yard...its fun having someone to share them with.  We had a great rest of the evening together.

Using his squirt bottle 

Always on a mission in our yard.

Cutting cilantro

Uncle Matthew came over to do his laundry while Oliver
was at school.  He told Mommy that her kitchen was a mess
and he called her a hippy- not nice.  He asked if she was going to 
document it for her blog.   Mommy will, just for him.
He doesn't read the blog...but he knows Mommy is going to write
 something about him tonight. He wasn't being very nice.
Mommy doesn't like when people are judgmental, and she
told him that.  She found this quote for Uncle Matthew:
"If you judge, investigate."  -Seneca

After Mommy told him why the kitchen was still a
mess after lunch--he went to investigate.  He is looking at
two babies, both under 4 months old.  There are
other babies throughout the house too.
Usually Mommy cleans up, but we have a new baby, 
who misses his Mama and doesn't sleep or eat well-
 so Mommy is busy with him.  Nobody is perfect...

Mommy loves to "document" things.  Writing a blog makes 
Mommy happy and it is nice way to reflect
on important things that happen. (It also makes life more
fun and interesting.)  Especially when you can capture things
like this-Korey's 2nd day of walking.  Cuteness.  He dived
right into Mommy to cuddle.  He is a major cuddle bug.


  1. I can't believe he's walking! He's getting so big already!

  2. and you should tell your brother to visit my house if he wants to see a mess:)