Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Neighbor and Kitchen Stuff

Mommy kept Oliver home from preschool today to make sure he was okay.  He was definitely okay.  He is feeling fine and knows how to get around with his cast.  Of course, he has had practice....

Mari came over for a bit today, she is on her Spring Break.  She signed Oliver's cast, she is the first to sign it.  Oliver and our other daycare friends liked watching her write.  Mari came over again later and brought Oliver all of her old kitchen set food.  There is a bunch of old tupperware  kids stuff--Oliver is super excited.  He was really stoked about the mixer.  We wanted to make cupcakes with his mixer, bowl, and cupcake pan.  It is fun receiving gently used toys.  

We had a good day.  

Cute Mari writing on Oliver's cast.

 Everyone watching Mari.  Mari is going
to come over and play a bit while on Spring
Break.  She loves the daycare kids!
 Bag of kitchen stuff.
 Playing with his mixer.
 He has all the goods to make cupcakes.  For some
reason Mommy was inspired to get some...
...store bought Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Mommy kind
of felt like eating some.  She didn't eat much, she 
will wait until Oliver is awake and has eaten
something healthy...(but Mommy liked the little
gooey part that fell off...yum).  Mommy and Oliver
are so spoiled sometimes.  

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