Monday, April 11, 2011

Little Things

 We had a super busy Monday with our daycare friends.  Oliver got into some mischief--he likes to "work" on the bathroom sink.  He helped Mommy take care of a new baby friend, he always loves meeting the new babies.  We had fun visiting with our Chocolate Cakes, Zoe and Amanda.  Nice Monday.
The little things make us happy...UPS man!
 And more, the post lady.  (Mommy likes
all the little things...)

 Amanda and cute baby Zoe.
Zoe and Amanda are wearing purple!  
Mommy was too!

On the counter...this is the kind of mischief he gets into
when he spends the day at home.  Mommy is ready for
some Y time and Oliver is ready for some 
cuddle with Grammie time.  (Hmmm...)

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