Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fruit and Flowers

We had a great day.  Mommy woke up Oliver by nibbling Oliver on his little tummy, he liked it and was laughing.  Good way to start our day!  Oliver had a great day at preschool.  In the evening we went to the Farmer's Market with Grammie- we had fun getting some fruit and other things.  It was nice having Grammie come with us.

Fun Tuesday!

Standing in line for kettle korn.
Cuteness with his small bag of kettle korn 
and his silly car.
Pretty carrots.
Yummy beets.
Pretty purple flowers.
Mommy's apples.
Oliver bought a bunch of avocados.  He
ate a small one tonight.  Good boy.
 Oliver and Mommy (You can't tell, but Mommy is kind
of irritated...that whole "car" thing, went a little
overboard...) No more car at the Farmer's Market.

 Meeting up with Riley at the Farmer's Market.  Sharing
stickers and fun.  (Silly boys, kind of...) They got
kind of loud and rowdy on the sidewalk, when Grammie
was talking about cheese with Angie. 
 Grammie is a big cheese fan.
Mommy did her best to "shop local" but the pansy
man selling $1 pansies wasn't at the Farmer's Market
tonight.  So, we went to Lowe's and got a 
few flowers to plant in a pot.
Oliver liked the fountains.  Mommy would like a 
bird bath someday.
She liked this one.
Oliver with his silly alligator.  He threw
it in the bathtub- he learned what happens 
when paper gets wet.  Silly kid.

We stopped in a bird store that was on Grand Avenue.  
Loved all the birds!  

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