Monday, April 4, 2011


Mommy's little Owl came back this morning.  He had fun playing with our daycare friends.  After our friends left we went to pick up some dinner.  We got yummy dinner- for free, with our Carlsbad 5000 race numbers at Chipotle.  That race has the best "swag."  We are supposed to get free tickets to a Padres game in the mail!  Cool!
We came home and ate our dinner by Oliver's restaurant in the backyard.  The weather has been so nice the past couple of days.  Mommy is loving it!  Oliver took a really great bath, had a lot of fun brushing his teeth tonight, and fell asleep really fast watching a show.  Mommy went to clean the playroom while he finished his show--we were going to read a chapter, but he was already asleep when she got back!  Mommy is glad her Owl is home.

Oliver getting creative with his parachute.

 Making "alligator scales" for an alligator we
were making out of a paper towel tube.
 Chipotle, they have a neat way of "decorating." 
 Picking up his race bib.  
 Oliver's restaurant.
 Eating his quesadilla.  He is so cute.
 Mommy changed our books on our windowsills in 
the playroom.  April 17th is Earth Day!
 Easter is coming soon too!
Oliver is excited about the Easter Bunny visiting our home.
April is also "National Smile Month!"  (Mommy loves to smile.)

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