Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cousin Outing

We had a fun day with Claire and Shane.  We went swimming with Claire while Shane went to his morning preschool session.  Then we were off to Balboa Park to go to the Natural History Museum.  It was tons of fun and we're all going to sleep good tonight!

Cat nap.  It didn't last long.

We had to park far away.  Oliver wanted to
skateboard and the kids wanted to follow him.
This is kind of a neat picture.  Oliver called it punk.

Shuttle bus.

There was a food truck festival in the park.
It was crowded!

Up we go!

Navigating the computer system and teaching
Aunt Meredith about native plants.

Teaching Aunt Meredith about local hikes!

He's part of the exhibit!

In a trailer.

Making observations.

He looked through microscope at every specimen.
It was so cute.

Fossil making.

Giant chalkboard.  We rested here and Oliver
lost a molar!  We saw a 3D movie afterwards about
the Galagopos Islands.  It was really good and Shane
made us giggle in that dark theatre.  

Heading back.

The shuttle bus was crowded.  The cousins sat 
on our laps.  Shane rested his head on Oliver's
chest and held his hands.

Oliver liked it.  Aunt Jess said it means
Shane trusts Oliver.  Yes!  

We ate dinner at Ikea and Uncle Chad met us there.
His office is next door.

They got a little wild.  We had a really
good day with them.

Oliver is off with his Dad.  Mom will see him Monday.  She's going to miss him.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


We're having a simple vacation.  Mom and Oliver are trying hard to save money.  So, we went fishing at Lake Wohlford and then he ate cat fish at the diner across the street- Mom ate his coleslaw and shared his french fries.  Saving money.  We swam at night- Mom likes when Oliver is able to go to our Y's with her.  
Vacation is nice.  

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

We had a nice Christmas day with family and at home.  

Santa was really at our home.

Opening gifts.

The cats had a blast!

This present with 3 vouchers for games was
a big hit with Oliver.

He liked his helmet, skates, skateboard, and pads.

Lotto tickets too!  We won NOTHING.  

Mommy's antique present to him, Santa brought him the
light bulbs....

We went to Grammie and Grandpa's, he brought
all his rolling presents with him.

We think its funny how Aunt Ali writes
Shane's name....

Learning how to use his new fishing net.

Oliver's big present was hiding in the garden shed.

He's stoked.

Art projects.  Chad and Mom were twinsies.

Aunt Ali and Aunt Jess wanted to take a picture
of us together.  He wasn't having it...

Aunt Jess tried to photobomb the pic...ha, Aunt Ali
cut out her head...

Mom's funny teaching partner made a funny
meme for us...giggles.

Merry Christmas!!!