Monday, March 31, 2014


Oliver had a nice swim today.  It was a beautiful day!

He is learning so much there!

Homework afterwards.  It didn't go
as smoothly as the swim.  Hopefully
homework tomorrow goes better.

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oliver met up with Mommy early today and we helped a friend at the coffee shop, then Oliver helped Mommy find a nice outfit at Target!  He was kind of silly there.  Then, we played BeyBlades and did a whole bunch of chores!  Sundays are always so nice.

Helping Mommy pick out her outfit.
He asked Mommy if she had all the 
accessories, including the post-it notes!
Silly kid!

Playing Beyblades is fun!

He has made a lot of new friends at
school with Beyblades.  There is a special
designated place they go to on the playground
at recess to play!


(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jr. Carlsbad

yOur little Cousin Clan did an awesome job at their Jr. Carlsbad races today! 

Everyone ran an amazing race!  We were all very proud of our little racers and we think they pretty proud of themselves!  Running is so good!  

On the way- our chauffeurs!  

Walking with Grandpa!

Bibs for Mommy's Favorite Little People!

Pre-Race Nerves?

Little Waylon was a little bit difficult.
Mommy made it all better at race time.  She just
grabbed him and ran to the start line.  Once there
he was ready to participate!  

Pouty Face.  Next year will be a mile!

Watching the 7 year olds race!

There they go!

Danielle and her Daddy at 6 year old start line!

She is a silly, inquisitive, beautiful little soul.

Pushing their way to the front!

Almost ready!


Run!  Good breathing!

Running the line!

Getting his medal from an elite athlete!

Checking out his medal!

We walked to cool down.  He was interest in 
brewing beer!

Pouty after his race!
 Bird Walk:
Oliver and Mommy like to play, "I spy a baby belly!"

I spy a very cute baby belly!

Jr. Carlsbad Finish Line!

Thinking about taking the water.

Uh, I don't know!

Running to her family!

Oliver led her back to the finish line!

Annual Picture tim!

* We got to get this to the cousins fast!

Picking up my bib!

Results for Oliver!

Oliver 1/2 mile  4 mish 50 ish seconds!

Danielle!  Time for 1/2 mile:

It was a great fun race!  Mommy wants to invite all the 
kids again for next year!

Beautiful day in Carlsbad!

We walked slowly over to Nortes to eat with

Crazy lunch with some wild kids.

Mommy liked the stain bird glass on the
way back.  (She'll have to go back
and look around at that antique store.  Let 
Mommy know if you'd like to go with her.)

Mural in Carlsbad.

Beautiful, heavy medal for each of the kids!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams!)