Friday, September 30, 2016


Mommy met Oliver at an appointment in Encinitas this afternoon, then he wanted to sell in Grammies neighborhood.  He wasn't very successful...people can be kind of weird.  

Weirdness isn't stopping Oliver though.  He takes it in stride and keeps going.  He really wants to reach his goal!  He's at about $2,150 now!  He'll be with Mommy for the next two weeks so she'll try to help him get his goal!  (Mommy isn't so sure about her goal of finishing her MLIS work but October 9th, she may have to extend it a week since Oliver will be with her continuously for awhile.)  She is very glad he is home.  She missed him a lot.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice Donut Wednesday.  Oliver was awake super early because he had a bloody nose and couldn't go back to sleep, he rested and watched a movie early, early in the morning.  He was in a happy mood and was ready to go to school.  Mommy hopes he didn't get to sleepy by the end of the day.

Donuts waiting at night. We got them
at the grocery store we sold popcorn at.


The donuts.

(Mommy's tea.)

Oliver is with his Daddy now.  Mommy will see her bloody nose kid (he always gets them in hot, dry weather!) on Friday for a nice together weekend.  Mommy misses him and wants him home.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tackling Tuesday

 We tackled this Tuesday with motivation and lots of enthusiasm.
But, first we saw ANOTHER accident
at an intersection near our home.  We
are going to write a letter to the city,
once Mommy is done with her MLIS
and Oliver is complete with popcorn.
It is ridiculous and scary.  

Charging ahead for a good day at school!

We got our new washer!  Our friends
Jennifer and Miles let the washer guy
into our home and we are so, so
thankful.  Now we just need to get it
to stop sensing and start working.
(Mommy needs it to work.)

Running to go sell popcorn!  Mommy
had just gotten a bunch of chocolate
popcorn dropped off to her at work.
So we needed to get it home and stashed away!
Then to the bank to make a big deposit 
for the den!  

Then to Albertsons to sell!  He is at
$2,075.00 now!  Amazing!  He is
making good progress to his goal
of $4,000 and super positive about it!

Now we are tackling some sleep.  Mommy needs it.  

Monday, September 26, 2016

Baseball and Scouts

Busy day.  (Mommy is sick, like throwing up sick, she can't write.) Goodnight.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baseball and Commitments

It was HOT today!  Oliver played his 2nd baseball game today.  He was so serious, a little tense, and excited.  Mommy is proud of him for trying a new sport and glad that she has figured out how to get him to all of his practices and games.  (It was not easy, but that is what being a parent is all about.)  

Stats:  Oliver got a hit, made it to first, and even stole a base!

He is loving baseball!  He asks questions ALL the time!  Mommy can't help think about how Bhuta would be so proud of him right now.

First time up to bat he got out.  He is learning
so much about outs, balls, strikes, etc.

Made it to first!

Team cheer!

High fives!

This process is new to him.  Its
cute to watch him think on field.

Sweetness.  Mommy has other pictures from
her phone, she'll post later!

He was ready to sell popcorn in the neighborhood
later!  He is a hard worker!

Some nice neighbors on Russell Street sprayed
Oliver's wagon with WD-40, you can hear him
coming from a mile away.  You still can hear him
after all the spraying.  

Not pictured.  Playing with Grady when we went
to pick up our popcorn for Tuesday's sale.  


Mommy is glad he is home.  She had a productive writing weekend, but needs a break and time with Oliver.  She misses him.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Donutless Wednesday

We forgot to get donuts.  Way too much to do right now.  We didn't want to go back out and get them after running two extra errands last night.  Oh well, there is a first for everything.

Baseball talk was good this morning!

(The table where rich people sit is waiting for Mommy
to get to research and writing!)

Oliver is off with his Daddy. Mommy will see him at 1:00 on Sunday to get him ready for his baseball game!  She misses him and hope he gets a chance to practice hitting and throwing some of the baseballs he stuffed into his backpack!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More Popcorn

Oliver wanted to fit in some store sales with Mommy since he can't do them when he is at his daddy's house.  Mommy made sure there are some days he can go, since that was a little bit difficult last year.  We sold with Noah and his mom tonight at Vons.  They made about $400!  The rain seemed to help!  Oliver's sales are now at about $1,750!  He really wants to make his goal of $4,000.  (Mommy thinks it'd be nice for his confidence and his scholarship that he already has established!)

He talked Kelly into coming to buy from him this
morning at the Bernardo breakfast tables, she brought
some of my favorite kiddos.....

Mommy tried to take a nice picture of them...

and tried....

and tried....

Then she just gave up on Oliver and took this amazing one!

While Mommy and Jennifer counted, these two
played and played....

Oliver is fast asleep now.  Mommy is beat.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Mondays are going to be different for the next couple of months because of baseball!  Oliver had practice today, Mommy met him there!  Jennifer and Noah are helping Mommy get him there on time, she can't get Oliver there in time because of work...Oliver had fun playing with Noah then going to practice!  He is really enjoying baseball!

Playing catch.  He doesn't really like Mommy to hang
around.  That's ok....

Mommy went for a good run in the park and then did
exercises with Jennifer!  


We picked up den popcorn to sell tomorrow night
and Eric helped Oliver a little with batting.  He
also showed Mommy these neat balls that can
be used to practice batting at home without
fear of breaking windows!  (Every bit of
help and encouragement, gives Oliver so much
more confidence.  He is really excited about

We had to go buy a new washing machine tonight
too.  It was late, but Mommy needed to just do it.
Our washer does weird, sort of scary things.


Mommy wrote this late last night, but for some reason it didn't post.  Maybe internet connection or maybe Mommy's extreme exhaustion?

Oliver is MOTIVATED!  Motivated to play ball and sell popcorn!  Mommy picked him up at 5:00 today and found out he had a good first game!  He won and also got the ball that the coach gives out at the end of the game.  (It may have been because he was a good sport when he got hit in the forehead with a baseball.  Pout.)  Needless to say, the first thing he wanted to do at home was play ball with Mommy.  Mommy invited Mattias over to play with Oliver instead.  We'll go to the batting cages soon!

Playing with his friend!
(Mommy will get the fall garden going soon)

He wanted to go door to door.  He only made it to one door
by the time it got dark.  Our neighbor, Dee donated $10!  Sweet!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Popcorn pick-up, popcorn distribution, popcorn selling, selling, selling.  It was a fun, tiring day!

Eric helped Mommy a lot!  (It would have been nice to 
have one more truck though.)  Just so that we don't
or at least Mommy doesn't worry.

These two had fun at the pick-up!

Like a lot of fun!

So much fun!

A man bought a box of popcorn and gave Oliver
half of it because Oliver told him it was his favorite!
That was pretty nice!

Oliver really did his best today.  Mommy is proud of him.

Tracking his sales.

Mommy wanted to share this text from Amy and Amanda
in Ohio.  She couldn't save a screenshot, so she just took
a picture.  This text felt like a really, really big hug.  It makes Mommy feel
good when she knows her blog might inspire someone, but
it is also just nice to hear that people like reading it.  

Oliver is off with his Daddy now.  Mommy has a literacy training in Anaheim tomorrow, she and her teaching partner talked the principal into paying for it for us....and he did.  So, she is off to learn a lot and will see Oliver in the early afternoon tomorrow.  She hopes he has an amazing time at his first baseball game at 1:00, but he will be there at 12:00 for practice!  She can't wait to hear all about it!