Saturday, September 17, 2016


Popcorn pick-up, popcorn distribution, popcorn selling, selling, selling.  It was a fun, tiring day!

Eric helped Mommy a lot!  (It would have been nice to 
have one more truck though.)  Just so that we don't
or at least Mommy doesn't worry.

These two had fun at the pick-up!

Like a lot of fun!

So much fun!

A man bought a box of popcorn and gave Oliver
half of it because Oliver told him it was his favorite!
That was pretty nice!

Oliver really did his best today.  Mommy is proud of him.

Tracking his sales.

Mommy wanted to share this text from Amy and Amanda
in Ohio.  She couldn't save a screenshot, so she just took
a picture.  This text felt like a really, really big hug.  It makes Mommy feel
good when she knows her blog might inspire someone, but
it is also just nice to hear that people like reading it.  

Oliver is off with his Daddy now.  Mommy has a literacy training in Anaheim tomorrow, she and her teaching partner talked the principal into paying for it for us....and he did.  So, she is off to learn a lot and will see Oliver in the early afternoon tomorrow.  She hopes he has an amazing time at his first baseball game at 1:00, but he will be there at 12:00 for practice!  She can't wait to hear all about it!

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