Thursday, September 1, 2016


We have big chickens in the backyard.  A ROOSTER too!  Oliver and Cynthia are trying to figure out how to each have chickens in the backyard.  Mommy is trying to teach Oliver to be kind.  He doesn't like sharing his space back there.  It is a good project for both kids.  Cynthia is our gardeners daughter, her dad keeps all his supplies in our shed in exchange for mowing our lawn and keeping our weeds at bay.  Having chickens is fun and this is a good learning experience for both kids in many ways.
The rooster is making Mommy exhausted though.

Checking out the coops.  There are two
back there now.  

Mommy is trying to teach Oliver all these things...
she left this note in his lunchbox.  (Hopefully it
helps....Mommy has a project on her hands......)

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