Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Den Meeting

We had the first den meeting tonight for this Bear Cub!  

Mommy likes Oliver's hair when she
picked him up at the B & G Club.  He
said he was working with static electricity
in science today!

Den meeting!  His cub scout uniform didn't
make it back into his backpack.  

Flag!  Oliver set up one of the flags.  He is getting
more confident with color guard.

Talking about knives.  The biggest part about being
a bear!

Excited about knives.  Oliver has a lot of them.

In line to look!

All the dad's turns.  

The boys played and played, then they all sat in here 
and watched TV while the parents planned the year
and Mommy shared the popcorn stuff.  (Mommy 
really, really, really wants to work on her writing
project for school but popcorn duties keep calling...
oh well...she will get it done.)  We came home and
read some Harry Potter before bed.  Harry is
the best!

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