Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tackling Tuesday

 We tackled this Tuesday with motivation and lots of enthusiasm.
But, first we saw ANOTHER accident
at an intersection near our home.  We
are going to write a letter to the city,
once Mommy is done with her MLIS
and Oliver is complete with popcorn.
It is ridiculous and scary.  

Charging ahead for a good day at school!

We got our new washer!  Our friends
Jennifer and Miles let the washer guy
into our home and we are so, so
thankful.  Now we just need to get it
to stop sensing and start working.
(Mommy needs it to work.)

Running to go sell popcorn!  Mommy
had just gotten a bunch of chocolate
popcorn dropped off to her at work.
So we needed to get it home and stashed away!
Then to the bank to make a big deposit 
for the den!  

Then to Albertsons to sell!  He is at
$2,075.00 now!  Amazing!  He is
making good progress to his goal
of $4,000 and super positive about it!

Now we are tackling some sleep.  Mommy needs it.  

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