Monday, September 5, 2016

Chaos Continued

We had a good day full of Claire, shopping at Ikea, and trying to get stuff done at home.
We took our goodies home from Grammies.

This is Mommy's old shirt.  (She
went a little crazy with the squirt 
bottles.  It felt good.)

We gave Claire a ride home, she spent the
night with Rachel last night.

Saying goodbye to Waylon!

Party girl!  She slept on the way to Ikea.

Mommy could sleep forever in this room.

Oliver likes the tall bed.

Claire asked if she could take pictures. 

We took one together.

Oliver loves these....

Claire's picture.

Claire's picture.

Claire's pictures.

Claire's picture.

There we are again.

There they are eating yogurt ice creams and waiting
for Mommy to use all her coupons and figure out
the heavy cart with a dresser for Oliver.  It was chaos.

This little guy's diaper was chaos!  

He is so darn cute!

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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