Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baseball and Commitments

It was HOT today!  Oliver played his 2nd baseball game today.  He was so serious, a little tense, and excited.  Mommy is proud of him for trying a new sport and glad that she has figured out how to get him to all of his practices and games.  (It was not easy, but that is what being a parent is all about.)  

Stats:  Oliver got a hit, made it to first, and even stole a base!

He is loving baseball!  He asks questions ALL the time!  Mommy can't help think about how Bhuta would be so proud of him right now.

First time up to bat he got out.  He is learning
so much about outs, balls, strikes, etc.

Made it to first!

Team cheer!

High fives!

This process is new to him.  Its
cute to watch him think on field.

Sweetness.  Mommy has other pictures from
her phone, she'll post later!

He was ready to sell popcorn in the neighborhood
later!  He is a hard worker!

Some nice neighbors on Russell Street sprayed
Oliver's wagon with WD-40, you can hear him
coming from a mile away.  You still can hear him
after all the spraying.  

Not pictured.  Playing with Grady when we went
to pick up our popcorn for Tuesday's sale.  


Mommy is glad he is home.  She had a productive writing weekend, but needs a break and time with Oliver.  She misses him.  

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