Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sailing Wednesday

 We gave up our donuts for a day of sailing in San Diego.  Mommy took Oliver and four of his friends.  It was a fun day!
The boys thought they's fish....they learned
it isn't super easy on a sail boat, but they
had fun trying.

Our boat.

Sunscreen time.

Noah and Jenae

Inside the boat.

Pt. Loma.

Grandpa's friends, Peter and Ray putting
up the sail.

Marine layer burning off...

Oliver fishing.

Mattias fishing.

Brothers fishing and Grandpa sailing.

What's behind that door?

Jenae, a goofy, sweet, singing girl.

Uncle Matthew came too!  Oliver tried to smile.

This is a better smile from Oliver.


Pretty sailboat.

The city in the distance.

Lots of military helicopters.

Crazy tourist boat.  The patriot.  Here's a link in 
case you want to book a fun ride!

From the room below......a hand.

Oliver and Mattias at the bow of the ship.

Oliver helping Ray and Peter dock the boat.

The boys wanted to fish more at the shore of the yacht club.

We went to Ikea for dinner and to get a tea pot Mommy
likes that broke.  This was just the entrance.  If you can
imagine the rest of our visit....

Mommy could foresee it so she had them line up and went
over some ground rules.  It worked.  They had fun looking
at everything and eating at the cafeteria.

It was all new to them and they seemed to
like it!  Mommy's phone died after this...she'll
spare you of all the funny pictures she could have taken
of them in the ikea rooms.  

Oliver is off with his Daddy now and they are going on a camping/road trip.  Mommy hopes Oliver is safe and she'll see him soon.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Day of School

It was the last day of school! Oliver is officially a 4th grader now!  Mom, that's what she is clearly called now, helped out this morning in Oliver's class.  She didn't stay all day because the girls all REALLY like Mom and it embarrasses Oliver.  At the end of the day she brought cookies for everyone and flowers for the girls.....giggles.

Mommy finally learned how to use a binder machine!

Oliver gave Mr. Cook a special engraved
pen after school.  

We staryed for awhile because Ben and Oliver
love playing hide and seek with Mr. Cook's
twins, Harry and Hannah.

Harry is in a cupboard...

See Harry?!

At home the boys played nerf guns, water balloon, petted
the kitties, talked about girls- serious Mom heard them!

Kitty love.

The range.

Water balloons!

Sweet Grady watched the water fights,
he'd rather pet the kittens.  


Mom won't get tired from this anymore....the 
state of his Homework.

Yay schools out for summer!

Oliver and Mom are glad it's summer!