Monday, June 19, 2017

Felicita Park Field Trip

Oliver had a fun field trip to nearby Felicita Park today!  Mommy helped chaperone the kids riding their bikes to the park.  Fun!

Such a neat little ride!

Lots of 3rd graders on bikes is super cute!

Water ballon tosses!

Have you seen these?  Oliver got a package
for his birthday!

Water balloon fight!

Mr. Downin spraying the kids.  Oliver 
was front and center.  

The whole time.

Ben had fun too!

Nature Scavenger Hunt with Mrs. Maletz.

It was nice a peaceful.

Found art from what they scavenged. 

Running to the last station.  Mr. Cook and their

Filling rockets withe water for launching!

Oliver's turn.  Mommy was in charge of
the string the kids held to launch their rockets.

Mr. Cook and his den leader.  Community,
encouragement, setting goals, respectful
role models are so important in Oliver's life.

Sydney's turn!

Oliver received two awards today.  One for science
and the other for PE!

He was happy!

Mommy is proud of him for his efforts in PE.  He loves
and wants to try most sports now!

Third grade.

Third grade with the teachers.  It has been a good 
school year.

Oliver still had energy for his guitar lesson.

He enjoys learning from his mellow teacher.

Sundae supplies for after school!
Tomorrow is Oliver's last day of school and the first time Mommy has ever been able to pick him up!  It is normally on a Thursday.  Summer!!!!!!

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