Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice donut Wednesday together!  Happy Wednesday!

Running to the donuts!

Mommy handed Oliver her camera over to Oliver:

Mommy's Favorite surprise when she downloaded
the pictures tonight!


Back to Mommy taking the pictures:

Mommy's Donut Hole.

Oliver's Donut Holes.

(Mommy's Coffee with many lines.)

Sweetness with blue skies!

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see him on Sunday at 5:00.  And she will probably stop by his soccer game for a bit Saturday morning, it starts at 9:00 if any fans want to come watch him too!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hamster Escape

Oliver checks on his bird and Ham Ham every morning before we leave.  This morning, Mommy heard something she didn't really want to hear: 

"Ham Ham isn't in his cage!!!"  cried Oliver.

Great.  Mommy guesses she should have taken the cage back to PetSmart sooner, because she can't figure out how it is supposed to close properly.  Grandpa and Mommy were just talking about it last night!  So anyways, we had to go to school.  Mommy reassured Oliver that Ham Ham would be just fine.  Wherever that little rodent was hanging out.

We came home this afternoon and Mommy convinced Oliver that if we did his homework quietly, without any whining, we might hear or see Ham Ham.  Mommy was right!  Oliver spotted him in the Bernadette room!

Getting homework done.

Right before he saw Ham Ham in the
Bernadette room.

Oliver has good eyes, he saw a flash 
of something little racing around
the room!

It took us a while to get Ham Ham.  We 
had a plan.  We made sure he couldn't get 
in the garage or back into the laundry room.
He was trapped in the Bernadette room!
We ran around like crazy and got him!
Oliver and Ham Ham were both totally
revved up!

Just in case we didn't catch Ham Ham tonight 
Mommy and Oliver were ready to help Ham Ham get revved
 up in a different way.  We were going to leave him
a motorcycle.  Inspiration from listening to 
Beverly Cleary's really good book!

But we got that little Hamster!

He is back in his cage and Mommy
hopes to hear him turning in his
wheel for a couple of hours tonight.

(Round and round and round....)

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Oliver had an adventure with Grammie after school today!  Grammie picked Oliver up right after school and took him to her house!  He got to play with Claire, which makes him happy!  Then Oliver was off to swim lessons with Grammie!  Mommy met him there soon after it started, she had a meeting, she is so glad that Grammie could help!!!

Sweet Oliver.

Practicing side breathing, this is what he needs
to master the most right now.

Mommy loves when the sky is this color.

Listening to Stuart's report on Oliver's progress.
Oliver is making good progress, he is in Polliwog,
but Stuart said Oliver is doing Ray work, which
is the next level!

Reading time!

Oliver has read all the Bob books in his kit.  Now
we are ready for some more challenges!

He jumped back in the pool as soon as he saw
Sharon.  He was nice and did not say mean names
today.  Mommy is glad he listens to how we felt.

(Goodnight and sweet dreams!)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Full Sunday

We had a really nice full Sunday!

Oliver saved a roly poly from getting
trampled on at the entrance!

Slow poke today!

Weirdos, Oliver and Johnny.  Oliver wore his
bathing suit wrong today.  (Mommy just
really isn't sure what Johnny is doing.)

We went to the Valentine's Display at the 
antique barn in Valley Center!

We took Grammie with us!!!

Keys on fabric string.

Mirrors can be kind of fun to play around
with at the barn.


Oliver went to celebrate his Daddy's birthday after our visit to the barn.  Oliver was super excited
to see his cousins Abby and Angie!  Happy Birthday Daddy!

The Grammy's at Grammies with Grammie:

Mommy kind of loves music.

He played with Mommy for a bit, then
passed out!  Full day for this kid!

Oliver and Mommy lover Taylor Swift!

 It was a big night for our favorite Sara:

Singing Brave and Beautiful with Carole King!

All these two needed were their voices and a piano!

Sara didn't win tonight, but that is ok, she is brave, amazing, inspiring and BEAUTIFUL!
Mommy thinks more wonderful things will continue to 
come from Sara and happen to her.  

Lorde won the Song of the Year for Royals!
(You can call me Queen Bee.)