Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Today was Aunt Ali's birthday!  We met everyone at Fidel's in Solana Beach to celebrate Ali's birthday. It was nice seeing everybody.  Happy 33rd Birthday Aunt Ali!

Before we left, Oliver hosed off some chairs 
Uncle Chad's grandparents
gave us, he also hosed down our trash can. 
 Such a good helper!

Cuteness reading the menu with her 
Aunt and Uncle.

It looks like she found something she
was really interested in.  Cute!

Aunt Jess showing something to Oliver on her

This is what Aunt Jess was showing Oliver.
She is going to get a Sasquatch crossing sign for her yard.
(Sasquatch and iphone, nice combination.) Mommy
wants a sign like that for our yard too!  Fun!

Rachel helping her Mommy open gifts.

Sissies.  And two boys in this picture too!
One hiding behind Mommy and one growing inside
Aunt Ali.  So, excited to have a nephew soon!


We said, "pizza!"  Oliver just didn't look up.  

Uncle Kelly and Uncle Chad.
They didn't want to be in the blog.  (Hmmmm....)

They have almost been married for a year.  Sweet!

Grandpa, Grammie, Uncle Matthew, and sweet Rachel.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Oliver came home around noon.  (Mommy is glad he is home, she missed him.)  He was really, really tired when he came home.  Mommy had plans to take him on a hike, work in the garden, play in the playroom, and more...of course.  But since he was so tired and a bit cranky, Mommy made him some snacks and turned Nick Jr. on for him.  He sat and watched for a while on his own, and then for a bit with Mommy.  It was nice cuddling with each other.

When we weren't feeling so lazy we decided to go walk around World Market together.  That is our favorite store, well Fred Meyer is actually our favorite but they don't have it here in Southern California.  We had fun walking around looking at the new summer things they had out.  The rest of the day we spent at home, just being kind of lazy.  

Mommy and Oliver being lazy.

Taking a break from being lazy, he picked out
a marble drink.  He sits there for a while choosing his color.

He wanted the bubble gun.  He didn't get it.
Mommy liked these marshmallow kabobs.  
(Lots and lots of different kind of sweetness there...)

Mommy kind of likes this love seat, and the book on the seat...
(Maybe one day...soon.)

After World Market, we came home and did more of this.

Oliver's bath was a bit of a struggle tonight.  He cries
very easily...this video was taken after a crying fit. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


So, this evening we figured out how to water our pear tree and the little crops we have growing over by the play house--without a watering can.  We moved a hose that we forgot we had over to the compost bins- that we don't use yet, and hooked the hose up to the faucet.  We put on a special sprayer Mommy got for the hose, and now we can water quickly and more efficiently.  (Mommy likes when things are easy, especially when they help things grow.)  Oliver watered for a really really long time.  He loves it!  It seems like it is kind of meditative for him.  Mommy is glad, because now he can do her watering!

Riley and Oliver watering the pumpkin patch.

Oliver watering our pear tree.  (It should be easy...)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


For some reason Mommy hasn't really felt like cooking much lately.  She likes to bake, and definitly likes to experiment with new healthy recipes for lunch and dinner.  But she has kind of just been fixing up yums for Oliver.  Tonight she actually felt like making one of her favorite meals.  Falafels with Tzatziki sauce.  Yummy!  Oliver didn't think it was so yummy.  But usually it takes at least 10 times for a child to be offered and try something before they may develop a taste for it.  Mommy hasn't had falafels in a while, they were yummy.  When Korey's Mommy picked him up, she tried some too!  She was hooked!  (It is nice being able to share things like that!)  So, even thought the falafels weren't a hit with Oliver, Mommy will continue to make them.  Maybe one day he will enjoy them!  (Maybe.)

We had a great evening together.  We finally got a chance to work in our yard, we got a lot of watering done.  Oliver has been working on his playhouse with his play tools.  It is cute.     

Falafel Mix

Cucumbers for the sauce and to mix up with the falafels.

Cilantro from our garden.

Oliver picked out this avocado from the Farmer's Market.
This was one of the things he actually did eat.

Tzatziki Sauce.

Yum.  Mommy loves vegetables.

Falefals on our iron skillet. (Mommy likes that
strong iron skillet, it can cook anything up!)

Oliver's food.  He only ate the avocados.  Mommy will keep trying.

Oliver asking Mommy for a "waffle" not
a "falafel."  Silly.

Oliver saw these two sweet crows after dinner when we
were headed over to Henry's.  The crows looked they
were deep in conversation.  

Cuteness with his buddy, Ranger Rick.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Another donut Wednesday.  (The last one in May, where has the time gone?)  We had fun eating breakfast together and driving to preschool.  Oliver had a wonderful day at preschool!

On the way home we stopped by the Grape Slide.  Oliver had fun playing and didn't want to leave!  Then we came home and he didn't want to take a bath!  Fun stuff!

Choosing his donut

Oliver's chocolate donut with sprinkles.


Mommy decided to get a donut today,
Mommy's pink donut. (It looked so smooth and pink, 
she just couldn't help herself.)

Mommy only ate a small bit.  (Mommy will slowly
savor it later.)  Yum.  

We always get a kick out of seeing ourselves
in the windows!

Again. Silly Oliver.

Wheatgrass Wednesday.

Different view.  (Still like this view, perfect.)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farmer's Market

We had a wonderful Tuesday.  Oliver had a great time at preschool.  Mommy asked him in the car how his day was and he said, "Good."  Then he said, "You didn't ask me what my favorite part was!"  Silly Oliver, Mommy always asks him that!  He told her that his favorite part was going outside, of course!  

On the way home from school we went to the Farmer's Market on Grand Avenue.  We had fun walking around together.  It is a perfect little outing for Tuesday evenings!  

Oliver leading the way to the Farmer's Market.

We bought some chamomile.  Mommy's 
chamomile is not growing very well.  Hopefully,
she can keep this chamomile growing and make tea 
out of it!  (Mommy really likes chamomile...)

An artist was painting...so cool!


Lots of cherries. 

And lots of blueberries.  

Oliver paying for our kettle korn.

Mommy and Oliver sat on the sidewalk and
put some popcorn in his bag.

Our popcorn.  It reminds Mommy of the idiom, 
"...busy as popcorn on a skillet."  That is how Mommy
has felt lately, kind of restless....(she is ready for her
chamomile tea to help calm her down...)

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Madness

We had a busy Monday with the daycare babies.  Everyone was a little bit off because of the weekend.  Babies get the Monday blues too!  Oliver was a bit wild, but had fun playing and helping Mommy.  Towards the end of the day he was pretty tired, after running around all day!  

We had a crazy but nice Monday!  

Yellow glove, purple cast, apple in his hand (perfect
combination.)  Silly O wore this all day cleaning and
having fun!

Drawing lines for Mommy.