Friday, September 30, 2011

Chalking and ......

We had a busy day with our daycare babes.  Oliver and Mommy were working on transitioning to being back home together.  By the end of the day things were going a lot better...

Oliver working on coloring all the stones around
our new front yard garden.

He calls it "chalking."

Our new Wheelbarrow and Chalking garden.  
Mommy is looking for an old wooden chair
to put in the garden to add some more dimension.

Guess where we went in the evening????

We followed this neat car to....

Grand Avenue.  (Mommy still likes Juniper trees.)

To look at all the neat cars at Cruisin' Grand...

and have fun with Shelley, Emmi, and Lily!

Lucky Oliver!

Shelley likes all the cars that are this color green!  Cute!

Mommy likes this panel truck.  (She likes it because
it is so weird and it is interesting inside!)  Oliver
wouldn't stand with Mommy...he kind of looks silly.

Mommy thinks Aunt Ali would like this car!  Check out
the seat!

Speed Racer?

An old police car.

Nice memorial truck.

Huge American flag!

Mommy and Oliver both liked this car!

El Camino.  (Mommy thinks these are neat!)

We ordered pizza here!

This is a new shop.  Mommy and Shelley want to check it out.
Without kids.  Everything looked really delicate.

We cruised through the antique mall!

Oliver liked this old teapot.  Maybe he could go
to the Tea Room with Mommy.  We'll see...

Mommy thought Grammie might like this display!  Grammie
collects tin cans with old advertisements.  

Mommy's bookshelf is still there.  (Maybe one day?)

Mommy likes this old table too.

We waited outside while Shelley got something beautiful.

We picked up our food.  Mommy got a salad.  It came
with this huge piece of bread, which Mommy didn't want.
Oliver had fun smashing it with his arm....

as he ran back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Shelley was really, really enjoying her pizza.


Mommy liked this truck.  (The flames and blue paint
go nicely together, and on a truck too!  Fun!)

Guess where we went....

Yay!  The candy shop!  

Oliver gave Lily this heart sucker.

They were giving each other different candies.  Cute.

Mommy got to see her pirate.  (She felt like
getting cozy with him.)

Then he held her hand.  Sweet.  (He is
so romantic.)

Oliver found a kaleidoscope!  


The Back to the Future car was luring Emmi in....
we had to pull her away before she hopped in!  It 
was pretty cute.

Happy Friday!  And happy last Crusin' Grand for the year.  We will definitely go back next year!  Oliver loves it there!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Oliver is home.  He brought home with him- some baby chickens, some more freckles, and an almost black eye.  The chickens are from his Daddy's house, the freckles from being a redhead,  and the black eye came from a "bad kid" at school.  Mommy is watching Oliver's eye.  As for the chickens...Mommy is letting Oliver keep them at our home until his Daddy comes back from up north in a month.  We are keeping the chickens in the garage. (yay.)  They are cute, but kind of stinky, and they have already pooped and peed on Mommy.  We will take good care of them.  Mommy guesses we are kind of like a "Baby Home."  

Checking out where the babies are living.


Mommy's cuteness holding a chick.

Mommy likes this chicken the best.  (It has a funny head,
she just kind of gravitates towards it for some reason.  
Hopefully it likes Mommy too.)

Mommy likes how Oliver holds the baby chicks.

This big one hung out on top of the cage.
Wonder if they are all going to fit in the
cage by the end of a month?


Chickies, cage, and food.  It is all resting
upon Mommy's favorite trunk.

While we were in the garage, Oliver insisted that Mommy
get out the Halloween bucket.  So she did.  He went
through everything!

While Oliver was going through the Halloween gear,
Mommy scooped out our apples from Julian that
had been cooking in the crock-pot all day.  Yummy
cinnamon, brown sugar, Julian Orchard apples.  
(Last Friday was the first day of Fall.  Wow!)
Crock-pot weather!  

Mr. O still going through the Halloween stuff!