Saturday, May 31, 2014


We had a nice mellow day.  

We always have a reason to go
to the library.

If this isn't reason enough.

Oliver really likes the used book
store.  Oops.

We went for a swim.  Oliver really wants to be
on the next cut-out board.

Beautiful Day!

Getting excited swim.

And start our Summer Bridge workbook.


We read a chapter from his new book!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT ALLISON!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Swim

Oliver is home!  We went for a swim tonight to transition.  We are happy it is the weekend!

Talking about the teenagers that were lined up
outside the Y for the Teen Dance.  He was
saying some pretty funny things.  Only about
6 more years until he goes to those.  Oh no!

(Oh Johnny.)

Oliver brought in a succulent that he
planted in a vase a student gave Mommy.

In the pool with Sharon, while 
Mommy got ready.

Happy Friday!  Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Open House

Oliver's Open House was Wednesday night.  Here are a couple of pictures!

Asking Grammie to please buy him a book he 
had his eye on at the book fair!  

Teaching us about bees!

Mommy found this in his desk!  It takes major
dedication to wear a pencil down like that.
(Major dedication.)

Reluctantly reading the bees poem to Mommy
and Grammie.  He read it with a little help
and was successful!  He is gaining confidence
in his reading and in school.  Oliver will
be redoing first grade again next year. 
Mommy knows an extra year will help
with his academic growth and hopefully
with his confidence.

He is finally, finally really getting into
books and seeing the power they have
on his imagination.  Grammie bought
him the chapter book that he wanted 
about a boy who hunts and a dog he found.

Open house was great and so is Oliver!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Donut Wednesday

Yippie Donut Wednesday!  We had a really nice time together!

Superhero Dress Up Day at School.

Oliver excitedly took over the camera:

Mommy took it back:

And we spotted our friend, silly girl Enil driving to work!
So we ran to the corner and got her attention!

Oliver's Donuts!  Veronica gave us another 
extra one.  Grrr.

Mommy's Donut Hole!

(Mommy's Coffee.  She is too tired to turn the 
picture around tonight.)


Oliver's Open House was tonight, Mommy
will post a couple of pictures tomorrow.
She is kind of tired.

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see Oliver on Friday for a nice together weekend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mustache Day

Today was mustache day at school!  Oliver wore a mustache and his new hat, he looked like a cool cat!

After school, his Daddy picked him up while Mommy went to an appointment.
Oliver wanted to show Mommy something when she got there to 
pick him up.

He can drive a quad.  Wonderful.

And it was so wonderful, he wanted to take
Mommy on a ride. We went for a ride around 
the yard.  Oliver is a good driver, but Mommy
HOPES that if he continues to ride and drive


Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

We had a nice Memorial Day.  We talked about the meaning behind the holiday and we planted some flowers along the front of our home to remember all the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  Mommy chose some quotes by Theodore Roosevelt that make you think.  Oliver likes how Teddy was a "Rough Rider" and fought in a war.

(We hope you all had a pleasant, thoughtful Memorial Day.)

Oliver will like that last quote.  He was actually sitting there enjoying our flowers and flags.  He also made sure that Mommy properly watered them.  Oliver is a good creator.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Mommy picked up Oliver this afternoon.  We worked on transitioning.

Here is why sometimes we have a 
tough time transitioning- Oliver
and his Dad do things that are
very male centered:  
Showing Mommy how he climbs 
the rope swing.

Using his muscles.

His Daddy showing Oliver how to climb.
(Mommy knows someone who 
can do it better.)  Sorry Daddy, true story.

Go Oliver Go!

Snapshots of a boy's life.

He also wanted to show Mommy the rings they use.

Peg board.  Oliver uses his
muscles to pull himself up 
with the pegs.  

Mommy is glad that they have a lot of neat
interests that they can share together.
Sometimes she does worry a little though.

Sometimes Oliver and Mommy
tend to ram their heads together
on Sundays, because Mommy isn't
a big fan of all this guy stuff.  

Mommy tries to calm him back down.

So, here is our transition today:
Can you tell where we went to eat?
Usually Mommy starts with feeding
Oliver something.  Lately mostly at home,
but today we were both hungry for a cheeseburger.

Mommy got Oliver a neat hat today.
He is able to tap into his fashion
side with Mommy.

He was super hyper and wouldn't stop taking
pictures of Mommy.  

(Mommy was annoyed and hungry.)

She told him to stop.

He finally did when they called
number 66.  It was sweet that he 
got the food for us.

Nourishment in many ways is important
in our transitions.

One form of nourishment is talking about 
whatever made Oliver happy, excited, sad,
hurt, angry or whatever while he wasn't with Mommy.
Today we checked in together and talked about
his new book!

Super cool!

Mommy shared her books about Theodore's niece!
Oliver was excited about all of our books!

So, true.


Mommy is glad Oliver is home.  Goodnight and sweet dreams.