Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy Saturday

We had a busy fun Saturday!  

This Morning we were busy with a garage sale:

Oliver and Mommy made $8 from their
Goodwill pile they put out!  Yippie!!!

Oliver had fun playing with Riley and Korey!

We made a quick escape after the garage sale so Mommy could have a Y break, Oliver could play with Grammie and Grandpa:

On the way there we saw the American flag!  

We also made a small stop at the library!
Mommy wanted Oliver to sign up for the summer
reading program and report on his first book!

A little excited, a little nervous, but one
happy reader!

(Sweet Dreams.)

Reporting on his book, it was about Potter the Otter
who teaches all of his friends the importance of 
drinking water.  (Mommy volunteered one 
summer for the summer reading program!  It was fun!)

He will get prizes for reporting!  He put
his raffle ticket in the bucket!  We will
try and report every time we visit Grammie!
Reading is fun!

Oliver got to take home this neat book today
just for signing up for the program!  We will
have some fun things to work on!  

After Mommy was done at the Y, she brought Oliver
back real quick to play in the Splash Pad before 
Family Swim was over!

Mommy forgot to put his swim trunks in
the swim bag, so he played in his shorts.
Then walked out in his underwear.
Mommy tried to make him go through
the lobby fast, but he had to get a snack first.
(Mommy doesn't like when she forgets
important things like that.)

Buying his snack.  There go our 
garage sale profits!

Happy Saturday!  
(Garage sale again in the morning in case anyone wants to come....)

Friday, June 29, 2012


Oliver came home at noon today!  We had fun with the daycare babies!  In the evening we cruised over to Grand Avenue for a nice stroll!

But first we had some U-Haul Cruise Excitement:
No one is moving in (yet) just Korey's parents
having a garage sale in our big driveway tomorrow!
Stop by if you can!

Crusin' Grand

We parked by this building.  (Windows.)


Oliver took one of Mommy.

Then he told her to move out of the shade
and into the sun so he could take a better picture!
(You should see his facial expression when
he takes pictures, he is so serious!)  

Looking at old guns.

He brought his quail!

We stopped in the used book store.

Mommy thought this one sounded good.

Mommy will be back!

Telephone Man!

Mommy wants to go in to this new store!

We took a rest on the bench!  It was a nice
place to watch the cars cruising!

We turned around and saw kitty cats for sale!
The cat lady was so nice!


Oliver was so gentle.  

Go Kart Night!

(Mommy can't think of a caption.)

Rat Rod!

Oliver walked up to this car and said, "Here's our car!
Let's go home!"  Mommy guesses he liked it?

Mommy guesses he liked this one too!

He also likes the silly decorated PT Cruisers!
We liked the PT Cruiser lady she was super nice
to talk too!

We ended the evening at a bench close to the end 
all the activity and where all the cars that are
cruising turn around.  Its fun to listen to them
and watch them!

Happy Friday!