Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun day!  Oliver had an awesome time playing with Grammie while Mommy played at the Y.   Then we had fun at our home with Aunt Ali and baby Rachel, Mommy is in love with that little baby!  Oliver and Mommy went down the street to do a little warm-up trick or treating at the Trader Joe’s Center.  Oliver had fun and kept telling people that he was not Elmo- when they said hi to Elmo.  He insisted that he was “Oliver!” 

In the evening we went over to Riley’s house and trick-or-treated with him, Rodger, Angie and Korey.  The boys had fun going up to the houses together.  We saw some scary skeletons and zombies (Mommy is a little nervous too...) those things can be intimidating! Oliver got a little tired after about five houses and still wasn’t into being called Elmo.  Rodger called Oliver, “Elmo in denial.”  Oliver said, “No, I am not Elmo in denial.”  Silly Oliver/Elmo- Happy Halloween!

Oliver and Grammie looking at a new "wallet" for Oliver
Who is that pumpkin on our couch?

Candy in his mouth telling someone he is 
NOT Elmo!  
Trick-or-treating at Trader Joes
Oliver really needs to work on smiling for the camera
Laughing (Mommy loves to laugh)

Aunt Ali and Baby Pumpkin
Went to 3 of our neighbors- and Mari wanted to show
Oliver her mice!
Pirate and Elmo

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Day Before Halloween

The Witch in our Window
The kitty cat in our window

 Oliver, Uncle Matthew, and Haley going for a walk
Boys giving our ball a little more air (hopefully
it helps a little, Mommy misses it...)

 Spider Brownie
 Oliver's Spider Web
Checking out some of the things Mommy was working on.

Oliver had a fantastic day at Mommy's house!  He came over in the morning and cuddled with Mommy.  Uncle Matthew came over a bit later, he likes to do his laundry at Mommy's.  It's pretty cool because Oliver thinks that Uncle Matthew is his personal play toy and Haley dog gets to come over.  Oliver shut Mommy out of the playroom with those doors that lead to the kitchen- he was having a blast playing with his uncle.

Since Mommy wasn't allowed in she decided to do some baking.  Our home smelled like brownies, peanut butter cookies, and banana bread.  Yums!  Oliver had a good time eating the spider brownie that Mommy made him.  Oliver fell asleep pretty early this evening- Mommy hopes he sleeps well- because we have a fun day planned for tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Oliver had a check-up this morning at the dentist.  He did an awesome job getting his teeth cleaned- all the nurses love him!  He was very good for Dr. Davis, and agreed to let Mommy brush his teeth without a fuss anymore.  Oliver has no cavities!!! 

Afterwards, we went to Grammie’s for a second to say Hi and give some kisses.  Then we made our way to Mommy’s favorite coffee shop by the Carlsbad library.   Then we came back home to play and rest with Korey.  It was a great day. 

Mommy can’t wait to see Oliver this weekend for some spooky Halloween fun!
 Playing at the dentist office
 He is such a good listener 
 Brave Oliver
 He had to sit up for a second and drink water
We read this book yesterday to get ready for our
visit to the dentist.  (Mommy loves reading everything...she can't get enough!!!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today Viana came over in the afternoon to play with us.  We had fun reading our “Owl Babies” book and playing with the little owls that hang out in Oliver’s room.  We like owls.  (They are strong, fast, and wise!  Lucky!)  We sat on the couch reading about the three owls who lose their Mommy for a bit and then find her.  Oliver made all the sound effects for us while Viana sat like a little princess in Mommy’s lap the whole time.   It was a nice day.

Oliver is off with his Daddy for a couple of nights. 
 One of Oliver's favorite books!  We love owls!
 Hoot!  Hoot!
Mommy, Viana, and a Baby Owl Reading
Oliver's Owls


Today we went to Disneyland!!!  Oliver and Mommy drove up there and met Korey, Riley, Rodger, and Angie around noon.  We celebrated Riley’s 4th birthday!  It was a big day!  We had an awesome day at the happiest place on earth!  Oliver was seriously in awe on every single ride.  He can’t go on any of the roller coasters yet, he has to grow just a tiny bit more.  Today was amazing!

On the tram ride back to the car Mommy asked him what his most favorite ride was, Oliver said, “the boat ride.”  That means he loved Pirates of the Caribbean.  (That was Mommy’s favorite too!)  When Mommy asked him what his 2nd favorite ride was he said, “the one I got to drive around in.”  That means Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride- he drove Mommy, Angie and Korey!  We had so much fun!
 On the tram from the parking garage- Disneyland here we come!
 Angie gave Oliver a 1st time at Disneyland button, but he wouldn't wear it.
 Korey, Rodger, Angie and Riley
Mommy and Oliver- have you noticed Oliver doesn't
really know how to pose for the camera-this may be Mommy's
fault for always wanting to take "action" shots...
 Excited Friends
 Pumpkin Mickey- Look how beautiful the sky is...
 Halloween Fun
Oliver's 1st Disneyland Ride
 "The backside of a waterfall"
 Going up the treehouse (treehouses are cool)
Aww...(a love story)
Jane and Tarzan
 More sweetness at the treehouse
 Mommy's favorite room at the treehouse
Boys playing
 The haunted mansion was totally cool!
Oliver just had to have some popcorn

On the raft headed over to the island
 Cool Boat
 Angie, Mommy and Korey
 Headed into another treehouse
 Rodger and Oliver
Angie was making scary noises in the cave- Riley ran the other way
 Mommy and Oliver on the island
 Old Cemetery
They liked playing with all the treasure
 Korey liked it too!
 Gumbo- looks really gross- but it was really good
 Pirates of the Caribbean 
 Matterhorn, pretty fall foliage, and Cars
Oliver liked riding in the car with Mommy